Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis

Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis


Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis-¬†Last night I was surfing around the internet and I came upon a research paper outlining a study that has been done on Yoga and its’ potential impact on Multiple Sclerosis. The image of Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis bound together may not be obvious for some, but it is a discipline I have experimented with at times since I was diagnosed. Until yesterday, I had no idea that any research had been done on yoga as a potential aid for those with MS.¬†

A short summary of the study’s findings:

The trial demonstrated that a 6-month yoga program improved fatigue to the same degree as a traditional exercise program and was adhered to at a level comparable to that of a traditional exercise program. More specifically, the interventions produced improvements in fatigue as assessed by the MFI (General Fatigue) and the SF-36 Energy and Fatigue (Vitality) dimension of the SF-36.

My experience with yoga is inline with the study’s conclusions. I have found it very helpful over the years along with exercise.

Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis
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I should be clear- I’m far from a yoga master and my flexibility is limited, though it is far better than when I tried yoga for the first time. I find performing yoga is good for deep relaxation, which is good for stress, and helps with maximizing the benefits of aerobic exercise. I didn’t take a class to learn, in fact, I bought the DVD, “Yoga for Dummies.” I don’t know if I should have mentioned that or not. I practice at home as I feel uncomfortable as a 220 lbs man stretching around small and thin people who can lick their own backs. Plus, I usually fall asleep at the end, which I don’t think is proper form.

As always, read the paper yourself and come to your own conclusions. I would recommend giving yoga a try as it seems to have some benefit for those with MS.

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PS-¬†Managed to go for a run again yesterday. I only ran about 4km, but running seems to be speeding my recovery from my latest exacerbation. I’m going to do some yoga today and head outside for another one as it is actually sunny!



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  1. Avatar

    That’s awesome…but I also hope you learned that yoga is an exercise of the mind and not the ability to lick one’s butt…lol! That was a great comment and as a yoga teacher, retired RN, mother and survivor of MS I can definitely tell you I cannot lick my own butt either. That being said, I love your humor! Yoga is being okay with where you are now…at any given point in time… licking your own butt or not, and not caring of others can obtain such heights or not. It’s about knowing that you are perfect exactly the way you are right now …The exercise of the body, is complimentary bonus that happens to possibly create a peaceful moment in time… Keep up the good work and the great humor. and may Peace and the ability to lick one’s own butt be yours…

    1. Sean

      I believe I wrote “lick their own backs”, but (no pun intended) your reading works just a well.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I agree with it being an exercise of the mind as well as I find the practise extremely meditative.

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