YEG MS: The Multiple Sclerosis podcast, Test/Pilot Episode

Multiple Sclerosis Podcast

YEG MS – The Multiple Sclerosis Podcast

This is the pilot/test episode of the YEG MS podcast. It is a multiple sclerosis podcast. Consider it episode “0” and very much a test episode. In this episode:

  • I explain why I decided to do a podcast based on Multiple Sclerosis
  • I explain why I decided to name the podcast “YEG MS”
  • I explain how future episodes, but not this one, will feature conversations with other MSers based in Edmonton and the Capital Region of Alberta Canada
  • I get annoyed by a guy with a camera in the parking lot of the Kamloops Airport
  • Why I use humor in relation to my own MS
  • Some observations which have nothing to do with multiple sclerosis

You can either listen to the episode here with the embedded player or download the episode (by clicking the down arrow on the top right of the player below) to listen to on the device of your choice.

This episode is kind of rough as it is my first attempt at a podcast episode. As with everything, future episodes will improve. If you have a comment leave it below. If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, send me an email at sean”AT”ownmultiplesclerosis”DOT”com.

Please leave a comment! Even if you disagree!


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