Why I feel lucky; there was no Bed, Bath, or Beyond, but it was a pretty nice little Saturday

Why I feel lucky; there was no Bed, Bath, or Beyond, but it was a pretty nice little Saturday– The mild attack that I’ve been experiencing continued this morning. There was no miraculous overnight resolution and the extreme numbness which has been attacking me from the waste down continues, though it has improved somewhat from yesterday.

Despite the modest progress, Saturday has been a great day so far and I feel extremely lucky.

My wife had to go to work for a few hours this morning so I was left to watch our two year old daughter. Obviously, I’m not well and my energy level was very low as was my reserve of positive energy. I was content to spend the morning on the couch cycling through Walt Disney’s catalogue and nursing my wounds.

After juggling between excerpts of Brother Bear, Mulan, and Curious George, I began to feel that the situation was unfair to my daughter. Typically on Saturdays we get out and do something fun and I wasn’t being myself- I was tainted by my disease. I decided to utter the magic words to get my ass in gear, “Belle, do you want to go for a walk?” In our house, there is no turning back from that statement. I didn’t even have time to think about it as my daughter was already running up the stairs to get changed.

We headed out on the paths along the Sturgeon River. My daughter riding high on my shoulders as I wondered how long I could go walking on a pair of feet I couldn’t feel. However, we continued and a not so surprising thing happened; I started to think positive thoughts. As the revelation came over me, my daughter, as she normally does, leaned forward and rested her head on mine. She fell asleep.

When she sleeps this way it is one of the great small pleasures in my life. It is both comforting and relaxing. It was at this moment I began to realize how lucky I am; the current attack I am experiencing could morph into something horrible, a fact that I live with everyday, but at least I’ve had the opportunity to experience a simple moment with my daughter. My life could have turned out much worse.

She is lying beside me right now on the couch as I write this. She is engrossed in both a bowl of grapes and ‘The Lady and the Tramp,’ and even though I’m still not 100%, it has been a pretty nice little Saturday.

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    Hi Sean. After reading your experiences of the last few days I am overcome with emotion. I want to help you, as I am sure all fathers would want to, but my saws, hammers and screw drivers cannot fix this. I would do anything for you if I thought it would take the MS away from you. Until I find that “fix” I am left with supporting you in everything you do. I love you and will ride as hard as I can this June, in the MS ride, for you. Ditto from Mom

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