Weekend Update- Own Multiple Sclerosis

weekend update- own multiple sclerosis


Weekend Update, Own Multiple Sclerosis.com, April 27th, 2013- This site is now 12 days old and the site has already had 1,352 (as of 12:02pm, MST) views from around the world. I know this is a grain of sand on a very large beach compared to the traffic some sites get, but I’m proud of the achievement nonetheless. In the almost two weeks I have been maintaining and adding to this site I’ve found it to be a very helpful in getting myself in order and sticking to my own advice. For those of you who have visited, I thank you and hope that the site has been of some use.

For today’s post, I have decided on a bit of a headlined summary of some themes and thoughts from the past week. Here it goes.

Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis- I’m Back!

After just over a week of dealing with a remission and not being able to exercise. My IV treatments ended on Thursday and I went for a 7.25 km run yesterday afternoon. It was challenging as I still can’t move my legs or feel my feet as normal, but I was able to do it. My stride may have looked odd and I couldn’t run as normal, but it was possible and beneficial. I was tired when I got home, but I could feel tingling in the numb areas; I feel this is a good sign. I have no idea what a neurologist may think about it. I’m sore this morning, but feeling good, though the numbness persists.


Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis

A few times per year, the drug company which provides my Copaxone sends me a magazine called, “MS Dialogue.”  I still haven’t decided if I think it is propaganda given out by ‘the man’ to keep me hopelessly hooked on their pharmaceuticals or if it is a useful tool. My guess is that it is probably a combination of the two. However, in this issue their is an article titled, “In depth report on…the potential of vitamin D in MS.” I touched on this subject in an earlier post from this week (Multiple Sclerosis and Northern Latitudes; My Experience) and it has always been an interest of mine with regards to MS.

The article basically sums up two different studies, one larger study which showed, “higher vitamin D levels were also associated with lower subsequent disability and lower relapse risk.” The other small study which the article references, showed that vitamin D3 had no, “meaningful effect on relapse rate, disability progression, function, grip strength, or fatigue.” So one study claims vitamin D helps and the other claims that it doesn’t. Why can’t any of this research be clear?

More vitamin d and MS links:

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Multiple Sclerosis in twins; one with the disease, one without

multiple sclerosis twins

This article caught my eye this week. It is about a set of identical twins where one has developed MS and the other has not. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of twins where one developed the disease and the other did not, however, I find it fascinating if not confounding. As I mentioned above, why can’t anything with regards to MS be clear and simple? If the disease was simply a product of our genetics, then we should expect both twins to develop the disease, shouldn’t we? If geography is a factor, mosts sets of twins are going to be raised under the same conditions, so again why wouldn’t both develop the condition? The same could be said about diet.

If anyone has a good answer for me, I’m all ears.


For the remainder of today, I’m going to attempt to create sashimi salmon sushi using steamed cauliflower for the rice. If it turns out, I’ll post the recipe. No guarantees.



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