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How to use this site-I’ve received some feedback on this site that it is hard to find information once a blog post has left the main page or information on a specific topic. I’ve attempted to remedy the situation by adding this ‘How To’ guide and adding some additional functionality.

Here is a run down on how to find information on the site:

Menu Bar


The menu bar is located just under the main title of the website. Click any of the blue boxes to access the pages: ‘About’, ‘Diet’, ‘Exercise’, and ‘Contact’. Or click the ‘Home/Blog’ blue box to return the main page/blog at any time.

Search Field


I’ve added a search function to the site. The search box is located in the upper right hand side of your screen, just under the blue ‘Contact’ box. Here you can enter in a term like ‘paleo diet’ and you will be returned a list of results from the site where that term appears. You can use this to search by a specific topic.

Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud

I’ve also added a ‘tag cloud’ to ease in your search for information. Each post is tagged with the topics they discuss. You can click any on the topics listed in the tag cloud to return a list of relevant pages and posts relating to that topic.

The tag cloud is under the heading of ‘Topics’ and located at the bottom of the righthand column of your screen.




 You can also search the blog via category. For example, if you are looking for recipes, you can use the category drop down menu, located under the search box in the right column, and select ‘Recipes’. This will return a list of posts and pages containing recipes.

Follow Own Multiple

There are four ways you can follow this website if desired. If you like social media, Own MS can be followed on both Facebook and Twitter. Just click the Facebook or Twitter buttons located in the right hand column to be re-directed to our Facebook or Twitter pages.

If you’d prefer to be updated via email, you can enter your email address by either filling out the “Subscribe to Blog via Email” field just under ‘Categories’ in the right hand column,


or you can click the ‘Follow’ rectangle at the bottom right corner of your screen and fill in your email information. Either way, you will receive an email each time a new blog post is published to the website. That is all you will receive as this is a non-profit website, we don’t send out any spam or give your email address to any third parties.

I hope this short guide helps you find the information you are looking for.

Be well,


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