Training update; first month in the bag

My daughter wanted to run with me on Saturday


Training update; first month in the bag- One month down, just just under four to go. As expected, the training for the, “Really Long Run to End MS,” (Run Facebook Page)  has been the hardest physical challenge I’ve ever had to endure. However, after heeding some advice and a successful weekend of training, I am confident I’ll be able to manage to 80+ kilometre run on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015. 

Staying in her lane like a pro

Over the weekend, I managed to run 25km on Saturday and another 10km on Sunday. It was a milestone weekend and as I sit here and type this on Monday I am tired, but not really sore. For the Sunday run, my wife (Andrea), daughter (Bella), and son (Jonah or ‘Mr. Jameson’ – if you are a fan of Spiderman, the nickname makes sense) joined me at the Servus Place in St. Albert. Bella was insistent that she run as well and she helped me warm up (the pictures above) for two light laps. She stayed in her lane and won more than a few hearts. She was a nice reprieve from the monotony of running an indoor track for hours on end.

What was also a nice surprise was that I used a supplement which actually worked. I have to admit, I am skeptical about almost everything and when I was younger I wasted hundreds of dollars on useless supplements while weight training. My doctor strongly suggested that I use some performance gels and add electrolyte additives to my water bottle. I tried them for the first time this past weekend and what do you know? Game changer! I asked questions and selected two products at the Running Room in St. Albert and used as directed. I still can’t believe the difference! This is what I purchased:

GU Gel
GU Gel
Electrolyte Tablets

Along with the Electrolyte tablets, I increased my water intake to one full average sized water bottle every 45-60 minutes. Between the work on my pacing, increased endurance, and the gels and tablets, I feel like I’m finally on the right path to being able to accomplish my goal.

As an aside, before anyone comments or emails me about some sort of negative side effect of using these gels or tablets (like my heart blowing up or my eyes bleeding), please keep in mind that they’ve been a huge help and I need to keep the positivity flowing. If you could reserve any such commentary until after Saturday May 23rd, 2015, that would be fantastic.

Weight wise, I lost about 9 pounds last week with another 20 pounds to go. I’m tracking my weight daily so that I can watch my progress as I inch toward the day of the run.

This week’s planned schedule:

Monday- OFF

Tuesday- 6.5 KM

Wednesday- 13KM

Thursday- 10KM

Friday- OFF

Saturday- 32KM

Sunday- 13KM

My Mom walked the track for a couple of hours during my Saturday run. After the run, she asked me if it was okay that she had joined me. I responded, “absolutely!” I think due to my introverted nature people assume I would rather be alone. The truth is it was very nice to have the support. Passing my Mom on laps and having her to talk to on breaks really helped; to anyone reading this, I will be running at the Servus Place in St. Albert, Alberta for about 3 1/2 hours next Saturday if anyone wants to pop in and walk or run some laps. I’ll even have snacks (espresso flavored performance gels). Or you can just come and watch a fat guy with a goatee run for hours on end (sounds exciting!).

Speaking on goatees, I have decided I am not shaving this bad-boy until after the run. It is fairly meaty right now and could potentially reach ZZ-Top type proportions over the next four months. I will groom as needed as I have to work, but I won’t shorten. I’m hoping it hits the middle of my chest.

Ignore the grey hairs

That is enough rambling updates for one post, more to follow in a week or so.


– Sean


Really Long Run to End MS Facebook Page, Click Here

Really Long Run to End MS MS Society of Canada Page, Click Here


Really Long Run to end MS

As a person living with Multiple Sclerosis I am very fortunate. I still play hockey, run, and do most everything I was able to do before I was diagnosed. For me the worst symptoms are fatigue (sometimes extreme), issues with my balance, and constant numbness in my hands and feet. However, I am one of the lucky ones and many with this disease find simple things like walking next to impossible and there are many who can’t walk at all. Every spring my wife and I ride in the MS Bike from Leduc to Camrose. This year I have decided to run the 85 KM (one leg of the MS Bike) in a single day two weeks prior to the big ride to raise money and awareness.  On May 23rd, 2015 I will begin the run in the wee hours of the morning and be met during the day by others who will run portions with me (and hopefully keep me sane and motivated). All money raised will go to the MS Society of Canada. If you would like to know more, donate, volunteer, or even join me for a portion of the run you can get more information by clicking here.



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