Training with Multiple Sclerosis

Training with Multiple Sclerosis

Training with Multiple Sclerosis– If you read this blog or you know me personally, you are probably aware that I’m training to run 85 kilometers in a single day to raise money for the MS Society of Canada. I trained to run half marathons before, but training to run 85K is altogether different. It is the single most difficult physical challenge I have ever endured. I actually can’t imagine it being much easier even if I didn’t have MS. 

Last week I ran 49.2 KM. It sucked. I didn’t run it in one day, but spread over 5 days. The week started good with a seemingly easy 12.5 km run. As the week wore on I wanted to pluck my eyeballs out with my thumb. Running an average of 10KM a day, 5 out of 7 days, is not fun. However, I have set a goal of 200KMs for November and I need to run (on average) 50 KM a week). I’ll get there even if I have to jump on the guys back running next to me on the track.

Training with Multiple Sclerosis
I have to run on an indoor track it is -18 outside!

However, I am behind this week. A wicked case of fatigue hit me on Wednesday. Some of the MSer’s reading this will know what I’m talking about. It is a feeling of never having enough sleep and extreme tiredness. It can last for days or even weeks. It also has an extremely depressing effect where you don’t feel like doing anything, let alone running. Fortunately my job allows me mornings where I can sleep in. I have had two solid nights (and mornings) of rest and while the fatigue is still there, I can feel it starting to subside. I’ll be putting in good runs on Saturday and Sunday to make up for the missed time.

I have found that when you have MS (or even if you don’t), you just need to listen to your body. When fatigue hits it is not a time to push through but a time to rest. Forcing at that point will make the fatigue worse and last longer. Granted, as a person living with MS I always have a level of fatigue versus regular people, but there is the regular sleepiness that I experience and the extreme fatigue I’ve felt over he past few days. It is really important to be able to recognize the difference.

It is also really important to have a loving and supportive wife who will let you have a nap in the afternoon and let you sleep in. Everyone needs help and no one is an island onto themselves.

I hoping to power home 40km over Saturday and Sunday. Wish me luck.

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