The Last Day on the Drip

The Last Day on the Drip- The picture above is the view I’ve had for the past three evenings from 8-830 pm from the window of the IV clinic. Don’t let the streaks fool you, the clinic is very clean and the view of the western edge of downtown Edmonton is actually quite nice. I’m not going to miss it though and I’m looking forward to getting this IV nozzle out of my arm.

I had a pretty good day today. The numbness is slowly (glacier) starting to subside and my wife and I took a very sunny walk through the Edmonton River Valley. I’ve also been working from home as I have to keep busy.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to go for a run or possibly even attempt the ‘MS Eater’ ( see exercise page). That may be too much too soon, but patience had never been one of my strengths. Passing all the runners in the River Valley today has made me want to get up and go.

I also had a bit of a moment today as I was watching the runners. At first I was a bit down as I had been seeing this exacerbation as a setback when I realized that everyone who exercises has setbacks. Some are from injury, some from over training, and a infinite number of other reasons. This is just my setback which makes me feel normal. It definitely doesn’t mean I can’t get up tomorrow and get after it.

Drip is almost done and I’m outta here.

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