Skin cells and Multiple Sclerosis- a cure? But I just started this site!

skin cells and multiple sclerosis


Skin cells and Multiple Sclerosis- Typical. I just started this website and scientists at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine may have discovered a new technique that converts skin cells into myelin cells- the type of cells that are destroyed by Multiple Sclerosis. You can read all about the discovery here.

I’m not actually annoyed. Of course it would be awesome if this discovery morphs into a cure.¬†However, it is too early to jump for joy and head out for a bacon cheese burger. I have had this disease for over six years and it seems like a couple of times a year there is a new discovery or a promising new medication that is just around the corner that will get me back to normal. I’m still waiting.

This isn’t cynicism; this is realism. The study was done on mice, not people. Last year I read about a doctor who had slowed and almost eliminated an MS like disease in mice using cinnamon. During my last two annual appointments with my neurologist he mentioned an oral wonder drug that had been causing over 80% of test subjects to go into full remission. Before that there was the Liberation Treatment.

Skin cells and Multiple Sclerosis

Nope, I’m not cynical, I’ve just been through the highs and lows of reports like these before. I am hopeful that something comes of this one. Actually, I am hopeful that something comes of any of them. No one wants to be sick and I’m no different. Having MS is a real pain in my ass.

However, I am grateful to the  doctors and scientists out there, like the ones at the Case Western Reserve School, who are trying to find a cure. It means much to me and everyone who has MS. Hopefully this report will turn into an actual treatment everyone can agree on soon.

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