“Shut The Front Door!” and there are good people everywhere



“Shut The Front Door!” and there are good people everywhere- The image above is the text message my mother sent me when I informed her we had reached $20,000 in fundraising for the Really Long Run to End MS (which I run this Saturday). Her exasperation was mirrored by my own. I’m still in disbelief that we were able to reach $20,000 as this is the first time we’ve ever attempted something like this. Just over two months ago I feared we wouldn’t hit $5,000. We went past that mark and I thought there was no way to hit $10,000. We achieved that and continued to climb. As I sit and type this I have given up guessing; I feel like the fundraising effort has been a tremendous success and I’ll be ecstatic with however the final number ends up.

Throughout it all, I have been forever humbled by the kindness and generosity of people, some of whom I have never met. Reading the news on a daily basis, as I do, can give the impression that the world is a very negative place; this event has shown me quite the opposite.

There are good people everywhere. 

Last Saturday my Mother, who is the saint behind the scenes planning the run, had an event at her home for the local support runners. These are the brave people who will be running various distances along the route as I inch from Leduc to Camrose. The craziest part? Six people showed up who I had never met. They volunteered to support the event even though they had no personal connection to me. One runner in particular, Sandra, is a fellow MSer who heard about what I was doing through our mutual doctor. It was extraordinarily powerful to hear her story and hear why she decided to run. It is the interactions I have had with other MSers, which I didn’t expect when I started out on this adventure, that have become even more valuable to me than the amount of money raised.

There have also been too many acts of kindness and generosity to count. From the warm reception I have received from the local media to the numerous people donating the money or time, or both. At times it is overwhelming as it sometimes feels like I’ve become a character in a play of my own creation. I am dictated to by a script that I’ve lost control of. However, I don’t mean that last sentence in a negative way as it is all for a great cause and I’m happy to do it. I have been reminding myself that I have the easy part- I just have to run.

It is pretty simple when you break it down.


Training Update

The training finished Tuesday morning with a brisk 5km run. I have resting since and waiting for Saturday. Just before I left the house Tuesday morning, my wife snapped this picture:


Finally someone actually caught me smiling in a picture. Eureka, it does happen!

With the final two short training runs Monday and Tuesday of this week, here is my final training tally:



At this point I’m really looking forward to Saturday at 5:00am when I leave Leduc under my own power. My best guess is that I’ll arrive sometime between 3-5:00pm in Camrose. I’ll be having a member of my support team update my social media (Twitter and Facebook) with my progress over the 80km in case anyone is curious about how I am doing.


Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported this event.




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