Realistic expectations, diet, supplements, and multiple sclerosis

Unrealistic expectations

Realistic expectations, diet, supplements, and multiple sclerosis- I had to move my family’s household into storage over the weekend as we wait for our house to be finished. The stress of the move was compounded by my Grandfather’s expected passing early Saturday morning. Thankfully I was already prepared for the news of my Grandfather. I created within myself low expectations for the weekend (i.e. it was going to suck) and these realistic expectations led to me being pleasantly surprised. The move wasn’t as bad as I imagined and the show of support by family and friends in not only moving, but in my Grandfather’s passing, had me waking up this morning feeling supported and optimistic. Managing expectations for people with multiple sclerosis is no different and key to battling the disease.

The information on diet, exercise, and supplements I post on this site won’t instantly cure you. In fact, none of this information will cure you at all. If you have MS, you have MS and the best you can do is put yourself in position which gives you the best odds of success. That’s it. So if you expect to take vitamin D once, or for a week or month, and suddenly feel better you may as well buy a late night TV weight loss ‘miracle’ as well; why not get all your disappointment over with at once? Changing your dietary habits and treating them as a short term ‘diet’ won’t do it either. What will have an impact is if you commit to yourself that you are going to be as well as possible and know that it is a life long journey. You need to accept that the old you (and pizza) is gone and you are committed to doing everything possible to beat your disease.

In addition, you have to be willing to experiment and trust your own ability to process information. I would never tell anyone to ignore the advice of their doctor. However, I would caution you not to treat the information given to you by your doctor as gospel and to do your own research. I would make the same statement about websites like my own or information received from any source- it needs to be questioned and you, as the consumer of the information, need to due your own due diligence to make sure it passes your ‘smell test’.

Once you’ve decided how you are going to help yourself be as healthy as you can be, commit to it! Commit to the understanding that being a healthier person is forever- like breathing. With experience you may make changes to your approach (new information), but you will continue to try. It is just like exercise- you won’t get any benefit if you quit! You can’t lift weights for a month and expect to look like a superhero.

Your expectation should be that you are making a lifestyle change. The key in the last statement is the prefix ‘life’ in ‘lifestyle’. These are forever changes, not something you do for a couple of months with the expectation of going back to the way you were.

So if you’ve decided to be healthier set realistic expectations. I hope that the information on this site is helpful and if you learn something new along the way that is better than what I am doing, please share! I don’t claim to have all the answers and I know I can always get better so if you come across anything you feel is valuable, please send it my way.

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