Own Multiple Sclerosis has been launched!

Own Multiple Sclerosis Launch

This website as officially been launched. Who will read it? Who knows. 

My hope is that the information on this site will do two things:

  1. Help others with Multiple Sclerosis
  2. Keep me on track with my own fight. I’d love to claim that I’m 100% altruistic, but the truth is I hope this site helps me as well. I want to take my own advice.

So if you have MS or have a family member with MS, I hope the information and links provided on this site help. I have been living with the disease for almost 6 years and I am proud to say I am doing fine. I have had some bumps in the road, which is to be expected, but overall I can honestly say that the disease doesn’t keep me from doing anything. I know that could change – hell, it could change tomorrow- but so far, so good.

Please check back often as I plan to have new content up most days. Please feel free to leave comments on anything I post whether you agree with me or not. I like to be proven wrong as it means I have learned something. In addition, if you want to contact me, click the big yellow button on the right of your screen.

Also, clicking the ‘Like’, ‘Tweet’, and ‘Share’ buttons below are always appreciated.

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