On the road…..

Calgary Multiple Sclerosis
Calgary Alberta

On the road….- I haven’t abandoned this blog already. Unfortunately I have a job and don’t have a pool of money from which I can support myself and my family and my ‘day job’ has been really busy this past week. I won’t bore you with the details, but my work has taken me from Calgary, Alberta on Wednesday to Kamloops, British Columbia on Thursday and Friday. Travel can be hard on those with Multiple Sclerosis, but if you plan well, you can do just fine.

Kamloops Multiple Sclerosis
Kamloops British Columbia

The trip to Calgary was not much fun. Three hours on the highway for a one-hour meeting and three hours back to Edmonton. I had to eat one meal at a restaurant, so most of my food for the day was inline with my multiple sclerosis diet. The day was long, so no exercise, but diet and supplements were in check.

For my drive to Kamloops from Edmonton, which is 8 hours, I was up at 5am on Thursday and on the road by 6am. I didn’t have any meetings on Thursday, so you may wonder why I left so early. I grew up in Kamloops and I love to mountain bike so I wanted to get there in time to catch the afternoon sun and go for a ride. Leaving at 6am put me in Kamloops by 1:45pm (local time) and the picture above (and below) was taken from my bike from the tower at the top of Kenna Cartwright Park at around 3:30pm. I wanted to get some exercise in, I planned for it, and voila.

Kamloops Multiple Sclerosis
Kamloops British Columbia

The part of the plan I didn’t plan well was food for the drive. I stood in a gas station in Jasper, Alberta (where the attendant was making comments about how good it felt not to be hung over) and realized that there was nothing in the store that was actual food! Granted, there were edible items which wouldn’t immediately kill you, but no actual food. However, I got lucky after searching around I found a bags of unsalted almonds and pistachios. Combined with a large bottle of water it was an okay breakfast.

Thursday night in Kamloops I lucked out again, a friend of mine owns a restaurant on the main street (The Commodore) and I was able to order a steak modified to meet my requirements and I was all set. The steak was brilliant! Despite two longs days of travel, my diet hadn’t been perfect, but it was relatively intact.

Kamloops Multiple Sclerosis


This morning I woke up and had a few hours to kill prior to my afternoon meeting. I went to another local restaurant for some green tea and eggs and then if was off to Riverside Park for a 6km run. The run was great and the weather superb. Diet and exercise check. I’m now about to leave my hotel for another ride on my bike on some more local trails- I’m going to sleep well tonight. I’m looking forward to heading home tomorrow, but I always miss Kamloops when I leave.

Kamloops Multiple Sclerosis
Riverside Park, Kamloops, BC

So if you are travelling, you can maintain your diet and exercise plan (relatively speaking) if you plan.


Until next time,

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    It also helps to have friends that eat the same way and can cook you supper! Good to see you buddy, hope it isn’t so long till next time. Mon

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