Multiple Sclerosis News

Multiple Sclerosis News- The latest news on MS from a variety of sources. News is grouped under different categories below.Click on the link to read the news article. The most recent articles are at the top of the list below the category heading.

Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise

MS not slowing BC Lions slotback

Multiple Sclerosis sufferer skydives to raise £1000 for MS charity

Harding not backing down to MS

Wild’s Harding up for all challenges

Multiple sclerosis does not stop Jamesville woman from running, cycling and …

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, Twice

Wild goalie Josh Harding earns Blackhawks’ praise- Playoff enemies tip their hat to player battling Multiple Sclerosis

Josh Harding: Athletes with multiple sclerosis face particular challenges

Wild send goalie Harding on conditioning stint to AHL –

Chris Wright Exclusive: First NBA Player With Multiple SclerosisBlessed 

Multiple Sclerosis Research

Has the ‘Holy Grail’ of MS Treatments Been Found?

Big Multiple Sclerosis Breakthrough Reduced 50-75% of bad immune system …

Experimental procedure shows promise for treatment of MS

Study: Hemp Seed Oil Associated With Improved Clinical And Immunological …

Testing method promising for spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis

Stress triggers multiple sclerosis flare-ups

Spring birthdays and multiple sclerosis

Advanced Sclerosis research at AIIMS soon

Clean cuisine: Anti-inflammatory diet helps multiple sclerosis patient keep …

Research and Markets: 2013 Disease and Therapy Review: Multiple Sclerosis …

Smoking increase multiple sclerosis risk

Smoking May Speed Multiple Sclerosis Progression – Healthline

Iran says they have cure for multiple sclerosis with homeopathic medication

UC Davis scientists detect novel molecular target for multiple sclerosis

Brain cell stress and depression study can only help multiple sclerosis patients

Multiple Sclerosis: MS Research Shows Urbanization, Salt Link – Decoded Science

Multiple sclerosis may not be as rare as thought in African-Americans

Black Women Have Higher Incidence of Multiple Sclerosis than White Women

Multiple Sclerosis More Common In Black Women Than White

Multiple Sclerosis Management Revolutionized With New Treatments: Cure Soon?

Multiple Sclerosis and Atrophy

Researchers Find No Link Between Stress, Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis: One local twin with, one without

National MS Society committing $18 million to research

Stanford stem cell research offers new hope for multiple sclerosis patients

New Multiple Sclerosis Study Offers New Hope to Those with MS

$18 Million In New Research Projects Launched To Stop Multiple Sclerosis 

Drug That Helps Multiple Sclerosis Patients Walk May Also Aid Stroke Victims

Pain measurement study could help multiple sclerosis sufferers

Health Scan: Salt and autoimmune disease?

CCSVI/ Liberation Treatment & Multiple Sclerosis

Don’t Dismiss CCVSI Yet, Expert Says

New Brunswick continues liberation fund for MS patients despite waning interest

CCSVI dead? Not so fast!

MS Patients Shouldn’t Rush Into Liberation Therapy – Venous Angioplasty

The only thing liberated was their wallets

Liberation therapy for MS not very liberating it seems now

Breakenridge: Interest in MS liberation treatment ebbs

Liberation therapy‘ may make MS worse

Interest fading in New Brunswick for ‘liberation‘ treatment

Ottawa woman disagrees with American study on “Liberation Treatment

Liberation treatment‘ offers no real aid to MS patients, study finds

New MS study suggests liberation therapy ineffective

Liberation‘ treatment offers no improvement for MS patients, may do harm: study

Thumbs down to MS liberation therapy

Paleo Diet

‘Caveman diet’ making a comeback

How Paleo Diet Affects Lipid Levels

The buzz about the popular Paleo Diet

Why the Paleo Diet and Lifestyle Are Not Based in Scientific Reality – Io9

Paleofantasy: What Evolution Really Tells Us about Sex, Diet, and How We Live

Paleo Diet Echoes Physical Culture Movement Of Yesteryear

April 27: Paleo-fantasy

Try a paleo diet with Malaysian laksa

Debunking Another Fad: Paleo Diets

Paleo lifestyle gains popularity

The Paleo Diet Delusion: Paleofantasy’s Marlene Zuk on Dietary Myths

Gluten: Bad guy or bad rap?

Should You Be Eating Like A Caveman, Or Has Your Stomach Evolved?

Paleo Diet? Or Paleo Delusion?

Traces of Fish Soup Discovered in Prehistoric Pots

The Paleo Diet is a lifestyle

Did Cavemen Really Eat Tons of Meat? Or, Is The Paleo Diet Accurate?

Going Caveman: Will Crossfit Training, a Paleo Diet, and Minimalist Running 

Foods You Can’t Eat on the Paleo Diet

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Clean cuisine: Anti-inflammatory diet helps multiple sclerosis patient keep …

New oral treatment for multiple sclerosis approved for use in Canada

Multiple Sclerosis Patients Want Alternative Medicine, Do You? – Emaxhealth

Alternative Medicine May Help Control Costs

Illinois doctors ask for medical marijuana legalization

Accurate diagnosis key to identifying, managing multiple sclerosis

New age cure for celebral palsy and multiple sclerosis: Skin cells

Skin cells morphed into functional brain cells to treat multiple sclerosis …

Scientists Find ‘Cure” for Multiple Sclerosis By Turning Common Skin 

Treating Multiple Sclerosis: Oral Therapy Comes of Age

Myelin regenerated in multiple sclerosis models

General News

IRHS grad battles multiple sclerosis

Stress triggers multiple sclerosis flare-ups

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, Twice

Multiple Sclerosis: One local twin with, one without

Obama’s BRAIN plan in a depressed market

Passage: Annette Funicello and Jonathan Winters


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