Multiple Sclerosis and Acupuncture

Multiple Sclerosis and Acupuncture


Multiple Sclerosis and Acupuncture-  For the past number of weeks, my numbness has been under control. The light, but always present, numbness in my hands has been there but I have become accustomed to it over the last six years. Over the past two days, both of my feet have become extremely numb along with areas along both of my hamstrings. When I have bouts of extreme numbness, such as what I am experiencing in my feet, I turn to acupuncture. 

Before I continue, I should let you know the contents of this post are anecdotal and not based on any hard research I have done. I should also let you know that my wife is an acupuncturist which:

  1. makes me very lucky
  2. could give the impression of bias

I feel it is important to let you know so that, as always, you can do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

The ever present numbness I feel has been, along with fatigue, one of the biggest annoyances I’ve had to endure with the disease. When the numbness flares up and becomes worse it drives me crazy. I should just let it go, but when you also suffer from anxiety as I do, it is not always easy- especially when your friggin’ feet feel like they’re asleep all the time!

This is when I call in the big guns, well actually the short, thin, and flexible little guns. My wife will lay me on our bed and insert about 10 acupuncture needles into various points on my body. The needles stay in for about 30-45 minutes.

I find that acupuncture does the following:

  • helps bring sensation to the areas which are really numb
  • speeds the time it takes to get ‘back to normal.’ Usually several days (with treatments everyday), rather than weeks
  • helps me to relax

When my wife first started to give me acupuncture for my MS I was a big baby. I have never liked needles and in the case of acupuncture, I was a bit of an overreactive whiner. However, acupuncture needles are no big deal. The hardest part to get used to is when the practitioner is moving the needle to find the ‘sweet spot’ which activates the nerve and gives you sensation. As a person with numbness caused by MS, this is the part that I like. Once they have found the sweet spot you’ll know- not because it hurts, because of the tingly sensation. It is pretty amazing.

So if you have Multiple Sclerosis and you want to try an alternative treatment, I would highly recommend acupuncture. It continues to help me in my battle and I hope it will help you in yours.


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*Below is my diet from last evening and today (so far). I will continue to include what I am eating for anyone who is struggling to figure out their diet. 

Last night’s dinner:

  • Coconut flour fried chicken, fried in coconut oil (click contact me if you want the recipe)
  • mashed yams (yams, almond milk, dash of salt, black pepper, garlic)
  • 32 ounces of water


  • One hand-full of almonds, one hand-full of raisins, sprinkle of sunflower seeds (shelled), sprinkle of flax seeds, sprinkle of cinnamon- all mixed in a bowl and served with almond milk (like any breakfast cereal)
  • 2 eggs fried in coconut oil and seasoned with turmeric and black pepper
  • 32 ounces of water
  • 8 ounces of prune juice (you’ve got to keep things moving)


  • leftover coconut flour fried chicken
  • broccoli and cauliflower
  • 16 ounces of water

Exercise today:

MS Eater will commence later today. Numb feet or not, I’m not going to miss a day.


Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Multiple Sclerosis and Acupuncture”

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    [-] Cfchicka 1 points 22 seconds ago
    I had it done during my first flare. I was undiagnosed, suffering so bad I could barley walk, and at the time didn’t believe in pain pills. So trying every alternative treatment was my goal. I went in, and she said she could help me. My entire right side was affected. It was inflamed, numb, and tingling. And it was the worst thing I ever did! Every stinking needle I could feel penetrating my muscles and after wards it hurt more. It was terrible! Afterwards I spoke to doctors and looked up studies done on Acupuncture, and it seems to be as effective as a sugar pill. I’m sorry but if numbness was all I had I would just be (word removed-offensive language is not allowed on this site) happy. Slowly loosing my right side is like being slowly tortured. My favorite alternative treatment is diet, raw and gluten free. And the one that helped most with pain is a Low Level Light Therapy. Or “cold laser”. Mixed with massage this is a treatment that will help with spasticity and tightness! Good luck y’all! I hope this helps someone!

    1. Sean

      I’m sad to hear your experience hasn’t been the same as mine with regards to acupuncture and I appreciate your comments.

      However, numbness ‘isn’t all I’ve had’. I have issues with vision, balance, fatigue, and memory. My experience hasn’t been a walk through a dewy meadow.

      I too use diet to help as well as exercise. I’m a rather skeptical person by nature, so I don’t believe I’ve been duped by a ‘sugar pill’.

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