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A morning email- This morning I received an email from a reader named, “Sarah.” Sarah’s question was with regard to the Wahl’s diet and “interested in hearing what you found following it.” My email response turned out to be a short novel (sorry Sarah) and I thought since I have’nt written a post in a while, I would share my response here as it is possible others have had the same question. Below is my response to Sarah’s question:


Thanks for the feedback.

As for your question, I’m not sure how to answer. I have tried numerous times to follow the Wahl’s diet to the letter, but like you I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old. The other factor is that I’ve been following a “Wahls-like” diet since 2007.

When I was diagnosed in early 2007, I looked for alternate ways for how to combat my MS. Probably like most MS sufferers, I turned to the internet and found all kinds of “miracle cures” of which my favourite (in a sarcastic way) was a site I found where they claimed they had cured MS by using bee stings and bee venom. Most of what I found on the web was completely useless.

But not all.

One site I came across the directms.org website in the spring of 2007 (about the same time I started running). The nutritional strategies found on that website are very similar to the Wahl’s diet, though not as restrictive. The website also lists, like I do, a list of recommended supplements. The supplements on the directms website can be rather expensive, so I don’t use all of what they recommend and through my own research I’ve added a few others to my list (as well as spices I try in incorporate into everything I cook). Also like the Wahl’s diet, the nutritional strategies given on the directms website are a variant of the now widely popular Paleo Diet.

I found it funny that when the Paleo Diet began to have some notoriety around 2009 (along with Cross-fit), I had more than one well intentioned friend tell me I should look into the paleo-diet for my MS; a diet I had already been following fairly faithfully (with the occasional weak moment) since 2007. However, before 2009, I didn’t know it as the paleo-diet but rather the MS-diet I had been following from the directms website.

So it is hard for me to directly answer your question, as I’ve been following a diet similar (though not as strict) to the Wahl’s diet almost since my diagnosis. What I can tell you is the following:

– The more sun I am exposed to, the better I feel
– The cleaner my diet (i.e. the closer it is to faithfully following the Wahl’s diet), the better I feel
– The more exercise I get, the better I feel in terms of physical symptoms and dealing with “mental side-affects” like depression and anxiety).

I know when I have gone a binge on foods I shouldn’t eat, I feel it for 24-48 hours. My numbness is worse as is my mood. Does the diet actually give me a better outlook in terms of the course of the disease? I believe it does, but I can’t prove it (from a scientific standpoint). To be honest again, I don’t care that I can’t prove it; I know how I feel and I’m just trying to give myself the best chance possible.

I also don’t know how much you’ve read through the website, but I should note in answering your question, that I have been taking Copaxone for about 3 years. My wife and I made the decision to start using the MS drugs (I didn’t use any previously) with the birth of our first child. For me it isn’t about politics or who is right or wrong, but giving myself the best chance possible.

Good for you on training for the 10K. I’m currently training too run 90kms in one day. My training hit a bit of a road bump in recent weeks as I am recovering from a nasty set of shin splints. I’m learning to replace my shoes more often as the cushioning they provide is very important.

Thanks again for the email. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.


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    I have also been following the Wahls Protocol for just over a month. I am starting to see a decrease in symptoms in my autoimmune disease. I don’t have MS. I’m thrilled to find other bloggers who are following Dr. Wahls.

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