The long road uphill

Running and Multiple Sclerosis

The long road uphill- The picture above (not taken by me) is from the summit of the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, British Columbia. It is of the road that goes from the base of the mountain to the restaurant at the top and the main drop-in point for mountain-bikers during the non-winter months. The Gondola and the restaurant at the summit are immediately behind the photographer. This is quite possibly one of my favorite spots on the entire planet. I’ve never actually skied at Kicking Horse, I’ve only ridden my mountain bike down after stepping off the gondola (and possibly enjoying a glass of wine at restaurant). The picture, while amazing, doesn’t do it justice; while tucking on the somewhat straightaway (as far a mountains go) you can get your bike upwards of 40-50 kph (24-31 mph), which may not sound fast, but believe me it is quite a rush when you have a cliff on one side and large rocks to avoid on the road. However, writing about mountain biking down mountains is not the reason for this post.

The purpose is something which is potentially crazier which I am planning.

Running and Multiple Sclerosis
This is an actual picture of me on Kicking Horse Mountain

I have asked a representative involved with the Leduc to Camrose (Alberta) MS Society Bike Tour if I can run, rather than ride, for day 1 for the 2015 ride. The reason I am choosing the 2015 ride and not this year is because I need time to train; if permitted, I will be running 90 kms (55 miles) in a single day which is just over two full marathons. I’m completely convinced I can do it, MS be dammed. I have suggested to the MS Society that I would run the day 2 course on day 1 so that I am not intertwined with the people on bikes and provide my own volunteers to help with my run. I have no idea what their decision will be, but I have faith the MS Society will get behind it.


I’ve trained to run marathons before, but this is different. Upon doing research I discovered what I want to do is an “ultra-marathon” and the training is more intense (as one would expect). Last week was my first week of official training, and here is what the program looked like:

  • Monday- off
  • Tuesday- 4km run
  • Wednesday- 6km run
  • Thursday- 4km run
  • Friday- off
  • Saturday- 14km run
  • Sunday- 6km run

This week is virtually the same, but the run on Saturday is increased to 18km and the Sunday run is upped to 8km. Every third week is a lighter week for recovery.

For now, I am staying out of the weight room until I become accustomed to running 5 days a week. Once I start feeling better and don’t feel as though I am towing a weight around all day, I’ll start adding in running specific exercises to help strengthen my abdominals, back, and supporting muscles. I’ll update the blog with my progress and any additional exercises I add in.

If the MS Society does not allow me to participate as a runner, all is not lost. I also have my eyes on the 2015 Canadian Death Race in Grande Cache, Alberta. It is a 125km run over mountain peaks and with over 17,000 feet of elevation changes. I’ve asked some friends if they’d like to join me but I have had no takers so far.

On way or another, I’m going for a really long run.

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