Humid (and a training update)

Look at the moisture on the brim of the hat
Look at the moisture on the brim of the hat

Humid (and a training update)-  Last week I had the good fortune of being sent to Cancun for work for 6 days. My wife was able to come as well, so we had a great working holiday. I was concerned with how it may effect my training, however, I was able to run three times while we were there.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the humidity. 

The first run I attempted was last Tuesday. My wife and I were travelling on separate days and I was a day ahead. She was due to be at the resort late Tuesday afternoon and I thought it would be best it I ran Tuesday morning so that it was out of the way by the time she arrived. I had a 6.5 km run scheduled and I figured, “no big deal.” Wow, understatement.

I knew something was up about 10 minutes into the run when I was sweating unbelievably. I am not so naive that I didn’t consider the humidity prior to leaving for the trip (I brought a camel back to be safe), I just underestimated the effect it would have. I managed to complete the 6.5 km run, but not without the thought of, “uh-oh.” I spent the rest of the day waiting for my wife and enjoying the sun. I won’t lie; I nursed my wounds with some ice-cold Mexican red wine (anyone have any idea why they chill it?).

View from the pool bar
View from the pool bar

The next run was on Wednesday. This time my wife wanted to exercise as well so I agreed to run on the treadmill in the exercise room while she did some free weights and yoga. There were 6 people in there (including us) and, despite the A/C, it was like a sauna. Fellow MSers will know how I felt; I wanted to run from the room screaming. I still managed to run close to 10K, but the amount of water I lost was crazy.

By Saturday, I needed to get out for a long run. It wasn’t an option and the conference I was attending was done by 5. I filled my camel pack to the prim and headed out. I have never lost so much water in my life; I was done after 20kms. I could have run further, but my camel pack was empty and I had sweated through two head bands and a hat. I was drenched. Still, even though it was shorter than I would have liked, I chalk that run up as a success.

Look at the moisture on the brim of the hat
Look at the moisture on the brim of the hat



Now I am back to my regular routine this week. 6.5K on Tuesday, 13 yesterday, and 10 today. I have a 36KM run scheduled for Saturday and a 16KM run on Sunday. All on a wonderfully air-conditioned track.

Just under three months to go and no further trips to equatorial regions planned. I just hope the snow starts going away in Edmonton soon.

– Sean


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Really Long Run to end MS

As a person living with Multiple Sclerosis I am very fortunate. I still play hockey, run, and do most everything I was able to do before I was diagnosed. For me the worst symptoms are fatigue (sometimes extreme), issues with my balance, and constant numbness in my hands and feet. However, I am one of the lucky ones and many with this disease find simple things like walking next to impossible and there are many who can’t walk at all. Every spring my wife and I ride in the MS Bike from Leduc to Camrose. This year I have decided to run the 85 KM (one leg of the MS Bike) in a single day two weeks prior to the big ride to raise money and awareness.  On May 23rd, 2015 I will begin the run in the wee hours of the morning and be met during the day by others who will run portions with me (and hopefully keep me sane and motivated). All money raised will go to the MS Society of Canada. If you would like to know more, donate, volunteer, or even join me for a portion of the run you can get more information by clicking here.

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