Here comes the sun…

Here Comes the Sun

Here comes the sun….- It is a sunny day in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the forecast shows we have more on the way. After a brutal and horrifically long winter which didn’t seem to want to go away, it looks like we are finally through it. My hope is that with the onset of good weather my latest flare up will finally go away. I don’t know about other people who have MS, but cold and grey winters are hard on me and great weather makes me feel amazing!

Here Comes the Sun
Forecast for the next 7 days for Edmonton, AB from the Weather Network

I have had two major attacks from multiple sclerosis in my life. The first was before I was diagnosed in 2004 and it occurred in late November of that year. The next one hit in early November of 2006. I also had some activity during January of 2011 and this recent flare up actually started in March of 2013, then subsided and then came back with vigor about a week and a half ago.

There have been two constants in my fight with MS- 1.) I never seem to have any issues during the sunny season. 2.) My attacks occur in the winter.

So you can imagine why I am so happy to see the sun shining! The last time I felt really good was in September when my wife and I got away for a week in Maui. Seven days in a tropical climate was just what the doctor ordered. I wasn’t planning on running again today, but I may have to as I have to take advantage while I can. Just seeing and thinking about the good weather has put me in a great mood. Unfortunately, I’m stuck at my desk for most of the day and then meetings this afternoon.

Why can’t the powers that govern business in the universe conference with the powers which govern weather? I need to write a letter, but I’m not sure who I would address it to. I guess I have to look on the bright side- the sun will be out until at least 9pm, so I’ll have plenty of time after work.

In the meantime I’ll be content to stare out my office window. I don’t have a great view as I can only see the stone block building across the parking lot, but I can see the blue sky- which is enough.

I hope it is a sunny day wherever you are,

Until next time,

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    There is way too much emphasis put on the importance of work. Too many rules and not enough common sense. I don’t think we were meant to sit indoors all day. It’s brutal for physical and mental health. It also provides one too much time to think about wanting to escape work to get outside.

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