Emergency Room

Emergency Room- Another ‘awesome’ daybreak (read:sarcasm) in a series of peachy mornings. I thought that since it was Monday, I’d be able to get in and see my neurologist to get a prescription for the steroids which help with an attack like the one I’ve been experiencing. Nope, turns out my neurologist is on a leave until 2014. Wonderful. So now I sit in the an emergency room of a hospital with an on-call neurologist.

It’s very possible I could leave permanent dimples in the seat I’m in, from a butt I can’t feel, before I get out of here.

Currently surrounding me is an entire family, small children included, who have accompanied one family member to the hospital. I thought about inviting every niece, cousin, aunt, uncle, and grandparent I have in the city down for this occasion, but no one was available on short notice. This family also doesn’t feel it is out of place to play music over the external speaker of their cel phones or let their kids use the waiting area as a playground. They brought the entire family, they may as well move right in.

For me, I’ve decided to take to the internet to complain about it. I’m already starting to feel better, which is terrible, because the tearing down of others isn’t the positive type of head space I like to play in- especially to make myself feel better. I’m really struggling to stay positive today and an emergency room isn’t exactly the muse required to kick start positive thinking.

Now that I think of it, there was something positive which occurred today, amazing actually. With no-notice my Mother-in-law dropped everything and drove two hours to give my wife and I help with our daughter. In addition, Saturday night my parents took our little one for the night so we could get a solid night of rest.

I’m starting feel positive again. I guess you can find something positive to dwell on anytime, even if your stuck in an emergency room.

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3 thoughts on “Emergency Room”

  1. Avatar

    You’re so fortunate to have loving family so close to give you help.

    It’s also fun to sit back and vent on people. It might not sound nice, but I’d be doing the same thing if a clown car full of people came in to watch one person sit in a waiting room. People are pretty inconsiderate these days about what comes out of their speakers, mouths, rambunctious children, etc.

    1. Sean

      Still in the waiting room, though it has settled considerably. There was one guy who got in trouble from security for calling 911 from the pay phones and asking to see a doctor. He was pretty drunk and had a bag of empties tied to his ankle. Now there is a lady, who is accompanied by two people with Alberta Sheriffs uniforms, who is in arm and leg shackles and in an orange prison jump suit. My life isn’t looking so bad.

  2. Avatar

    I would come sit with you any time bro, and the rest im not sure about, ive seen some of the biggest smiles come from your face whilst talking about the misfortunes of others lol

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