Don’t fear the taper

Don Cherry

With 16 days to go until the Really Long Run to End MS, I’m officially out of the woods. The hardest part of the training is done and I now only have to taper (lighten my workouts) to allow my body to heal in preparation for the big day. However, tapering is mentally challenging as it feels counter intuitive; I feel like I’m not doing enough now and will fail because I’m being slack. I know in my rational mind that rest is best at this point and I have to suppress the nagging feeling that I’m, “screwing everything up” with less intense workouts. 

Don Cherry


The way I am combating my own thoughts is by reminding myself that I have run almost 1,800 kms in preparation for this event. If I’m not ready now, I’ll never be. The taper period is also helping me really focus in on diet with my goal weight of 210lbs insight (I’m not going to stop there if I hit it as it is fun to see numbers on the scale I haven’t seen in decades). I am also reminding myself that the period of rest is giving my knees, hips, ankles, and feet all a chance to heal. I have to keep reminding myself these are all good things and suppress the urge to schedule myself for a 6 hour training run this Saturday.

So I’ll head down to Servus Place in St. Albert today and ride the stationary bike for 1.5 hours for third time this week. I’ll only run 15km on Saturday and 10km on Sunday. The craziest part? I look at that training schedule and think, “that isn’t enough.”

To be honest, Saturday May 23rd can’t come soon enough. As of writing this we’ve raised almost $12,000 and I think we can hit $15,000 (my goal was $10,000), the route has been selected, and the event is almost planned. Now I just have to run 82km in a day. Can’t wait.

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