Change in latitude, change in attitude


I’m currently sitting in the dark on the patio of my hotel room in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was 26 degrees (Celsius, I have no idea what that is in Fahrenheit) here yesterday. Glorious, sunny, and hot. At my home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada it was -25 (probably closer to -35 with the wind chill) yesterday.

Pretty safe to say that my wife and I picked a great time to get out of Dodge.

We’ve been here less than 48 hours and I already feel better. I don’t know what it is like for other MSers, but when I get the chance to be outside and soak up the sun, I start to feel better. My symptoms don’t go away, but they seem to lessen and I just feel better. These feelings are entirely subjective, but they are real.

Could the way I feel be due to naturally absorbing vitamin D from copious amounts of sunshine? It is possible, but I can’t prove it.

Could it be from the fresh air that comes from being constantly being outside? Another possibility which can’t be proven.

Could it be relaxation? No idea.

I can’t tell you why I feel better, just that I feel better. I guess that is fitting since in general I don’t actually care why I feel better, I only care that I do. The same sentiment can be applied to when I run, eat a certain diet, etc. I don’t waste my energy asking why, I just do because I know these activities make me feel better.

Another factor which is a definite possibility is the great emotions which are spawned by spending quality time with my wife, who also happens to be my best friend. We have two very young children (7 months and almost 3) and we seldom have the opportunity to spend time one-on-one and this trip represents a wonderful opportunity to reconnect. Both sets of our parents stepped up to allow us a stress free vacation. It is a wonderful treat.

We actually danced last night. I’m not much of a dancer, but my wife loves it; by extension I love it too. When she is smiling and happy, I’m smiling and happy.

Maybe it is the small things that make the difference.

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    So glad to hear you’re feeling better, and that the two of you are enjoying the time together!. Looks like you are in a very nice spot . . . .!

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