About ownmultiplesclerosis.com- On Remembrance Day of 2006 I was just 30 years old. I was at work at a restaurant I was a partner in when the entire right side of my body started to go numb. My day ended in the emergency room of a local hospital. I wouldn’t work again for seven months and my life would be forever changed.

The emergency doctors couldn’t tell me with certainty but they mentioned Multiple Sclerosis. Early the next spring the diagnosis was confirmed at the University of Alberta’s Multiple Sclerosis Research Department and I now was faced with a life I never imagined; a life where my future looked very bleak.

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After speaking with the doctor, the nurse whisked me into another room where she began reviewing the medication which I was prescribed. It wasn’t a cure but rather a vehicle which slowed the leaking in a sinking ship. I remember sitting there stunned and numb to the world around me. I was so sunken into my own thoughts and emotions I didn’t even notice that the nurse never mentioned diet, exercise, or lifestyle.

I went to my car bewildered and wondered if there was any point to continuing on. It seemed as though I was beginning a new life as a permanent patient. On the drive home rather being filled with sadness I became really angry- pissed off to be exact. How could my life have become a cruel waiting game of taking the medication and letting the disease take its’ course?

I wasn’t able to accept it. I had to take ownership of it and be the master of my own fate.

Since 2007 I have experimented with many different approaches to my disease and what I have found is far from simple. The approach recommended by my neurologist is the important factor that I supplement with diet and exercise. However, there is more. I have since realized that my own mental state was broken and fractured and that my mind as well as my body would need to be healed. For me, beating MS is about taking ownership of every facet of my life. The longer this journey has gone, the more I have realized there was not just one or two areas that needed my attention. I have to fix the whole package and it is about taking ownership of my treatment, mind, and body.

The first place to start is to realize that MS isn’t a hopeless death march. Since I was diagnosed in 2007, I have:

  • married a wonderful women
  • witnessed the birth of my beautiful children.
  • run three half marathons
  • built a home for my family

I actually have mixed feelings about being diagnosed with MS. In some ways the disease has helped give me the focus and clarity I needed to pursue goals. It has also forced me to look critically at myself and admit that my life and lifestyle were far from perfect and I was headed down a path to nowhere. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the disease and its’ effects, but I have to try and find something positive in my evolving story. I have to own what happened to me and own my actions moving forward. I have to take ownership of the disease.

I don’t feel sorry for myself and neither should you. I’m human and I’m flawed but I can be who I want to be today, tomorrow, and into the future. The only person setting limits on me is me.

This website is for anyone with MS or has a relative with MS. I’m not a doctor or a scientist; I’m just a regular guy who shares in the struggle against this disease. The information offered here is information you should verify on your own as I have done. I make no promises on its’ effectiveness nor do I claim that there are any miracles contained here. You should be critical of the information I offer just as you should be critical of information you receive from any source. Some ground rules for this site:

  1. Listen to your doctors as they have a lifetime of training and access to information you don’t. However, do your own research. Its your body, you should know the facts.
  2. I don’t believe in ‘miracle cures’. If something doesn’t work for everyone, it has to be questioned. If it has worked for you, great! However, accept that it may not work for all.
  3. Put your bottom lip back in your mouth. You aren’t going to get anywhere if you are looking for a ‘pitty party’ and I’m not here to offer one. This rule is intended for people with MS who are able bodied. For those who aren’t you have my sympathies.
  4. With hard work, effort, and discipline people can achieve anything they want.

I hope this site is a help to you or a loved one. Comments, good or bad, are welcomed.

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