2019 Really Long Run to End MS

This is a photo-blog of the 2019 Really Long Run to End MS. The route was an 85km course through the Edmonton River Valley from Fort Saskatchewan to Devon, Alberta. I can’t say thank you enough to all who took part!

(I will be adding to this post in the near future as I continue to sort through all the pictures)

5:15 am at the Dow Baseball Fields in Fort Saskatchewan
I was asked to say a few words before we were underway.
On the way from the baseball fields to the River Crossing
Crossing the North Saskatchewan with the assistance of the Strathcona Fire and Rescue around 6am.
I went from 42 years old to 12 riding in this boat. I am so happy that my father (to my right) shared this entire journey with me (I imagine it was pretty slow going ion his bike).
Safely landing on the other side of the river.
Safely across the river and about to head towards Rundle Park
How many MS Warriors can say they have run marathons with their neurologist?
Arrived at Rundle Park (8am ish?).
The run couldn’t have happened without the two amazing people in this picture (My Mom, Denise, is on the left. Mark is on the right).
My good friend Denis (followed on his bike) and my Uncle Doug
I think this is just past Rundle Park
2nd group shot with the Edmonton skyline in the background.
Prepping for the group shot above. Brenda (to my left) is reminding me how important it is to take a moment to appreciate the moment and appreciate where you are and what you are doing. One of my favourite moments from the day.
Darren (left) took many of the pictures in this post. Sean (not me) is to his right.
Working our way to the Kinsmen
Quick stop at the Kinsmen.
My wife (Andrea) helping me with a spasm at Hawrelak Park
3rd group shot of the day during a food break at Hawrelak Park.
My daughter Bella
My son Jonah
My kids biked and ran to follow me out of Hawrelak Park
Picking up the pace as we are close to Fort Edmonton. It is raining pretty good at this point.
Crossing the Fort Edmonton Footbridge
Crossing the Terwilliger Footbridge
Crossing the footbridge under the Anthony Henday Bridge.
Out of the River Valley and headed towards the Devon Gardens on the road
Juice boxes and photo bombing are more fun than your Dad getting interviewed on TV
TV interview about 70kms in. I’m surprised I didn’t fall forward into the cameras.
Finally at the Devon Gardens parking lot. The end is 7km from here. Jonah continues his photo bombing ways.
On the Devon Trail heading toward Prospector’s Point. My daughter Bella ran/walked the last 7km with me.
Kieran has run in every Really Long Run. Each time he signs up for 10km and then ends up finishing with a personal best for distance. I’m pretty sure he was just shy of a marathon this year.
Patricia (talking to Kieran) is a fellow MS Warrior. I think she signed up for 10km and ended up doing 30! This was her second time running for the Really Long Run. Josh (to the left of my Dad and the only one looking at the camera) is doing his own MS fundraiser later this year. The day before the Hinton MS Mountain Bike, he will be running 90km up the mountains near Hinton and he hopes to raise $15,000!. I plan to be part of his support crew. Reach out to me if you want more information about Josh’s event.
Walking was definitely part of the day, I am not going to lie and suggest I can run 85km with out walking a good portion. I don’t think Bella minded.
I just saw the North Saskatchewan River and realized I’m getting close. Nothing will get you running again like knowing it is almost over.
Coming down the switchbacks that end at Prospector’s Point across the river from Devon.
If you look just past the mid-point of the picture you will see a railing. The railing is for the Devon Trail.
Entering Prospector’s Point
In my head all I’m am thinking is, “I want to sit down.”
I can smell the finish. The funny thing is I fell like I’m running at a 100% sprint but, in reality, I’m only sprinting in my mind (I’m sure I could have summersaulted faster).
This is the parking lot at Prospector’s Point. We are just turning the corner into it in the pictures above(the corner is directly in front of the white Ford pickup on the right hand side of the lot).
Finally done! 13 hours and 85km later!
Thanks to everyone who was waiting for me to finish!
I’m not one for excited emotional gestures, so please understand a fist in the air for me is equivalent to stuffing lit roman candles in my nose while humming the 1812 Overture. It is very possible Denis is holding me up.
A very sincere thank-you to everyone who participated, donated, volunteered, or simply cheered me on. Everyone needs to have their faith in humanity renewed from time to time. This was mine. I was truly humbled by the support and hope you all will join me again next year!
MS Warriors!
Warning: I’m a hugger.
I wish this was Mark asking me for my autograph, however, I am pretty sure he is just taking his watch back.
I finally got to sit down.
You have to learn crazy from somewhere. My Dad followed me for all 85km on his bike (and probably averaged 5kph)
3 Generations (Allen, Sean, & Jonah).
My wife is an angel; she supports me through every crazy idea and crazy plan.
Until the next one….

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    Wonderful summary of an intensely emotional day – immense love and admiration my son. You come from a long line of ‘crazies’ and ‘true grit’!!!
    Next year ???????!!!!!!!

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