Weekend Update Own Multiple Sclerosis, May 11th , 2013

Weekend Update Own Multiple Sclerosis, May 11th , 2013

Weekend Update Own Multiple Sclerosis, May 11th , 2013- Here is my weekly roundup of Multiple Sclerosis news and stories. For me personally it has been a busy week and next week will be even busier. My work has me in Calgary, Alberta on Tuesday and then off to Kamloops, British Columbia for Thursday and Friday. In addition it is my daughter’s second birthday next weekend. Exciting times! Anyways, on with the update:

Josh Harding and the Minnesota Wild bumped from first round of NHL playoffs

Josh Harding Multiple Sclerosis

My hero for the spring, Josh Harding of the Minnesota Wild, was eliminated from the first round of the NHL playoffs by the Chicago Blackhawks. The Wild bowed out in 5 games, however, Josh Harding played well and was an excellent role model to all of us in the MS community. Imagine a person with MS started in goal for a team in the NHL playoffs against the regular season champion Chicago Blackhawks. The Wild were the underdogs in the series so the result wasn’t a surprise.

We all owe Josh Harding a tip of the hat for showing us that Multiple Sclerosis isn’t an end but a beginning (to use a cliche). Great job Josh!

Promising research all around

This was one of those weeks where reports of new and exiting research was released from multiple sources. More lines of study to be opened so that those of us with MS can hurry up and wait to see if any of them evolve into a cure.

New discoveries made in multiple sclerosis treatment This link will take you to a story involving Stanford researchers who hope that blocking the expression of the SIRT1 protein will, “delay(s) the onset of paralysis on multiple sclerosis.”

University of Adelaide researchers make multiple sclerosis treatment breakthrough This story outlines an apparent ‘breakthrough’ where, “stem cells from fat tissue to send cells with special anti-inflammatory properties directly to the damaged site in the central nervous system.”

I have mentioned previously that reports like these seem to be released a few times a year. I’m not skeptical, I have just realized it can take years before any of this research actually materializes into any sort of treatment. However, I remain hopeful.

More about Dr. Terry Wahls

In last week’s ‘Weekend Update’ I mentioned Dr. Terry Wahls who reversed her progressive MS using dietary strategies similar to my own (although stricter and her explanation is far superior). I did some more reading on her this week and found this article where her dietary strategies are explained more in depth:

Doctor Reverses MS in 9 Months by Eating These Foods

In addition, the article points to a Ted Talk featuring Dr. Wahls and you can watch it here:

Maybe I’m not so crazy thinking that I can beat my MS with diet and exercise.

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