Weekend update, June 22nd, 2013

Weekend update own multiple sclerosis.com

Weekend update, June 22nd, 2013- Own Multiple Sclerosis.com’s weekly roundup of news and recently released stories related to multiple sclerosis.

Wild G Josh Harding earns NHL’s Bill Masterton Trophy

weekend update Wild G Josh Harding earns NHL's Bill Masterton Trophy

Great news from the NHL (National Hockey League) awards this past week. Fellow MSer, and goaltender for the Minnesota Wild , Josh Harding was named the NHL’s recipient of the Bill Masterton Trophy. The award goes to, “to the player that best displays perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication.” Harding was great for the Wild in the playoffs and an inspiration to all of us who have this disease. A big congratulations to Josh!

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Spring birthdays and multiple sclerosis

This news item really doesn’t apply to me as I was born in October, but:

Researchers led by Oxford scientist Sreeram Ramagopalan recently published a study in JAMA Neurology outlining evidence that babies born in May have low levels of vitamin D in their blood.

No definitive link (that I know of) has been found between vitamin D and MS, but there has been numerous studies and evidence showing a correlation. This report looks specifically at spring birthdays, however, I have always felt that the link between vitamin D and MS needs more study.

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Sunshine Makes You Happy

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A study from the University Medical Centre in Maastricht, the Netherlands found that direct sunlight, “makes multiple sclerosis patients happy,” and high serum vitamin D may help relieve depression and fatigue even though it is not as effective as direct sun exposure.” From my own personal experience, I can back these findings. I find that I am much more well in the summer and when my wife and I spent a week in Maui last year I felt amazing. Actually, just getting outside and being active in general will make anyone feel better, so these findings aren’t really surprising.

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Laura Kimball overcomes multiple sclerosis to continue passion of barrel horse racing

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As anyone who is a regular reader of these weekend updates is already aware, I like to profile professional athletes (like Josh Harding above) who have MS and continue to excel. I came across the rather interesting story this week of Laura Kimball who was diagnosed with MS in 1991 at the age of 25. She is both a Wisconsin State champion barrel racer and a NBHA Hall of Fame inductee. In the news article, Kimball is quoted as saying:

Back in that time, there were no treatment options for people with MS. I was told to sell my horses, quite my job, collect social security and get used to living in a wheelchair.

She didn’t take the advice and is a great inspiration for all of us in  the MS community.

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