May 222013
Paleo Recipe

Grass fed ground beef with asparagus and cabbage


Wednesday night dinner- I find cooking relaxing, especially when I have no idea what I’m going to make. News of my grandfather came yesterday and we’re in the middle of moving. To top it off, my job has been off the charts busy, so I needed a solid meal this evening. I wasn’t in the mood for conversation when I arrived home, so creating something in the kitchen was the perfect medicine for what was ailing me- with the added benefit that I didn’t have to speak to anyone.

I looked in the fridge and my wife was thawing a 2lb package of grass fed beef from our local butcher. In addition, I was instructed that the asparagus needed to be cooked. I had two ingredients and looked through the fridge and saw a head of cabbage. I also had a craving for peppers, which we had on hand. What evolved is what you can see pictured above and below and the dish is perfectly paleo friendly and inline with my MS Diet.


  • 2lbs package of grass fed ground beef
  • 1 orange (or green or red) pepper (diced)
  • 1/4 (diced) of a white onion
  • half a head of purple cabbage (chopped)
  • asparagus (roughly half a bunch)
  • couple of pinches of turmeric
  • couple of pinches of black pepper
  • coconut oil


  • saute the onions and peppers in a pan with some coconut oil
  • brown the grass fed ground beef in a separate pan with coconut oil and season with a few pinches of turmeric and black pepper
  • steam the asparagus and the cabbage
  • add the onions and the peppers to the ground beef and mix- stir
  • plate however you wish

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  1. Can’t wait until you movve in with us. Looking forward to your cooking.

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