Really Long Run to End MS

Training; the first two weeks

Training; the first two weeks- In the fall I had been training for my “Really Long Run to End MS,” but it was looser (i.e. much easier for me to justify taking a day off). Now, with 18 weeks to go until the bug run, I don’t have the leisure of taking unscheduled breaks. I’m …

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Training with Multiple Sclerosis

Training with Multiple Sclerosis– If you read this blog or you know me personally, you are probably aware that I’m training to run 85 kilometers in a single day to raise money for the MS Society of Canada. I trained to run half marathons before, but training to run 85K is altogether different. It is the …

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Really Long Run to End MS

  Really Long Run to End MS- On Saturday May 23rd, 2015 I will be running from Leduc, Alberta, Canada to Camrose, Alberta, Canada in a single day. The run will take me on a journey over roughly 85 km and take 10-12 hours to complete. I am currently running 5 days a week in preparation …

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