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Geomagnetic Disturbances & MS, volume 3

Geomagnetic Disturbances & MS, volume 3- The great part of producing this blog, executing the Really Long Run to End MS, and the YEG MS podcast are the fantastic people I have had the chance to interact with. They have educated, enlightened, and inspired me. It all has lead to some truly incredible experiences. Back …

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Geomagnetic Disturbances and Multiple Sclerosis

Geomagnetic Disturbances and Multiple Sclerosis- When the members of the Fantastic Four ventured out into space and were struck with ‘Cosmic Rays’ they returned to earth with super powers. I’ve just read a fascinating paper which suggests that extra-terrestrial solar activity didn’t give me super powers but may have contributed my developing multiple sclerosis. I would have …

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Thoughts on CCSVI- The Liberation Treatment

  Thoughts on CCSVI- The Liberation Treatment – I can remember back to when news of the Liberation Treatment started to come out here in Canada. I had more than one person congratulate me as the disease that I had been living with for just over two years had seemingly been  ‘cured’. Here I am …

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