Weekend Update Own Multiple Sclerosis, May 11th , 2013

Weekend Update Own Multiple Sclerosis, May 11th , 2013- Here is my weekly roundup of Multiple Sclerosis news and stories. For me personally it has been a busy week and next week will be even busier. My work has me in Calgary, Alberta on Tuesday and then off to Kamloops, British Columbia for Thursday and …

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Weekend Update- Own Multiple Sclerosis

  Weekend Update, Own Multiple, April 27th, 2013- This site is now 12 days old and the site has already had 1,352 (as of 12:02pm, MST) views from around the world. I know this is a grain of sand on a very large beach compared to the traffic some sites get, but I’m proud of …

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Multiple Sclerosis and Acupuncture

  Multiple Sclerosis and Acupuncture-  For the past number of weeks, my numbness has been under control. The light, but always present, numbness in my hands has been there but I have become accustomed to it over the last six years. Over the past two days, both of my feet have become extremely numb along with …

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