Oct 042013


Satisfying sandwich and back from my hiatus- I forgot a lunch again today, so I was forced to go out for lunch. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Don’t tell Dr. Terry Wahls, but I ate a sandwich and it was delightful. I should note that it was gluten free and contained no dairy, but a sandwich nonetheless. I had heard a local sandwich shop had begun to offer gluten free options and I thought I should give it s try. If I’m strict to my diet, grains are a no-no, gluten free or not, but prior to this whole MS mess, one of my favorite things in the world was to sit by myself and enjoy an sandwich; I feel indulging in something pleasurable every once in a while is as healthy as maintaining a strict diet and exercise regime. Something I need to get back to.

If you’ve read this blog before, or simply look at the dates on the blog posts you will have noticed that I have been absent from this site for sometime. In was not due to illness, or a dreaded relapse, but rather I miscalculated how busy the summer would be. Since the last time I’ve written anything here, I’ve moved into a new house and witnessed the birth of my son Jonah. Getting settled with all things new took sometime, but everyone is happy, well, and settled into our new home. One thing that did suffer (somewhat) was my exercise and diet regime, but I’m taking steps to rectify that as we speak. The sandwich wasn’t part of the plan, but enjoying life is.

So I’m back and hoping to post more regularly once again.


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