May 302013

Paleo Birthday Cake

Paleo Birthday Cake- It was my daughter’s second birthday a few weeks ago. We needed an idea for a birthday cake which fit with our style of eating. After searching around online, my wife saw a few different ideas for birthday cakes which weren’t cake at all- they were watermelons. 

So we went to the store and purchased the biggest watermelon we could find. We brought it home and my wife carved it into the shape of a two tiered cake. She then surrounded it with berries and other fruit and used toothpicks to affix kiwis and berries to the sides. She added candles and voila- we had a processed-sugar, gluten, and dairy free birthday cake.

The cake was a big hit with our daughter. I should caution you however, as our in her two years our daughter has only had food which is inline with the diet of her parents. She has never had candy, ice-cream, or any junk food. Actually, she has had limited amounts of juice and primarily drinks water. In her world, blueberries are candy and she has them almost every morning. So, I don’t know how this would go over with kids who have been exposed to traditional birthday cakes and sweets, but it is definitely worth a try.

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