Oct 022017

Diet and Multiple Sclerosis

The episode is part one of a two part series exploring the relationship with Multiple Sclerosis & diet. In this episode I talk about my own journey with regards to diet. In part two I’ll compare various MS diets which can be found on the internet.

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Sep 132017


MS Mountain Bike Hinton

YEG MS is on the road at the 2017 MS Mountain Bike in Hinton, Alberta! Featuring sound bites from Greg Van Tighem and some of my buddies.
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Sep 012017

In this podcast episode I talk about, “Locus of Control,” and interview my good friend Dustin. Dustin was there for my un-diagnosed attack in 2004 and my big attack in 2007. Continue reading »

Aug 182017


YEG MS Ep23: Multiple Sclerosis in History Part 2 – This episode is part two of two of, “MS in History.”

In this episode I talk about Metalica, Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot, the vitamin D hypothesis, and the geographic distribution of Multiple Sclerosis.

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Aug 082017


YEG MS Ep22: Multiple Sclerosis in History – This is the first episode which will be broadcast on the, “MS & Me,” internet radio network through msunites.com. This episode is part one or two of, “MS in History.”

I also mention the survey being conducted by Spoonful of Sugar out of London England. This survey is intended for people living with Multiple Sclerosis allover the globe. The link to the survey can be found below.

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Jul 042017

Multiple Sclerosis and Marijuana

YEG MS Ep21: It’s Been Awhile and Marijuana and Multiple Sclerosis?- After more than 6 months the YEG MS podcast is back. In this episode I talk about training, the Canadian Healthcare System, Canada Day, and Marijuana and Multiple Sclerosis. Continue reading »

Jan 302017


YEG MS Ep20: Fat Bikes 4 MS & Kevin Gest- In this episode I interview Molly about the second annual, “Fat Bike 4 MS, ” fundraiser for the MS Society of Canada. I also welcome my first guest from the United States. I had the opportunity to interview the recently diagnosed Kevin Gest who is a competitive cyclist from Phoenix Arizona.

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