Jan 112017

Yesterday I responded to a Tweet from @mattalleng after he re-tweeted the question, “Do you follow a diet for #MS?” A screen capture of some of the conversation is below. @molly_macd also joined the conversation. The thread generated two quotes which got me thinking. Molly stated, “Ppl want quick answers but really it’s about how YOU feel. There’s no magic template.” Matt followed up with, “Yes, everyone is D I F F E R E N T. What works for one does not work for all.” I couldn’t agree more. Continue reading »

Dec 062016

Exercise, Marriage, and Multiple Sclerosis


YEG MS Ep19:¬†Exercise, Marriage, and Multiple Sclerosis- This is the first video episode of the YEG MS podcast. In this episode I talk about the positive impact of exercise on marriages/relationships for people who have multiple sclerosis (or the people living with them). I also make reference and highlight the study, “A qualitative investigation of exercising with MS and the impact on the spousal relationship” by Sean Horton et al.

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Dec 012016

Geomagnetic Disturbances & MS

Geomagnetic Disturbances & MS, volume 3- The great part of producing this blog, executing the Really Long Run to End MS, and the YEG MS podcast are the fantastic people I have had the chance to interact with. They have educated, enlightened, and inspired me. It all has lead to some truly incredible experiences. Back on December 13th, 2013 I published a post called, “Geomagnetic Disturbances & MS.” The post was based on a paper I had found on PubMed titled, “Geomagnetic disturbances may be environmental risk factor for multiple sclerosis: an ecological study of 111 locations in 24 countries.” I found the idea fascinating but never really expected to do a follow up post.

Then something unexpected happened.

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Nov 252016


YEG MS Episode 18; Misogyny & Internet Trolls- The quickest follow up podcast in the history of YEG MS. I’m fired up in this one as I take aim at internet trolls after one sent an anonymous email (of course it was anonymous) to one of my colleagues over at The Oilers Rig. Continue reading »

Nov 242016


YEG MS Episode 17; Han Solo Redux- I’m flying solo with no guests. In this episode I touch on: Geomagnetic Disturbances and Multiple Sclerosis, Bryan Bickell, and Remembrance Day. Continue reading »

Nov 232016



The Echo Chamber– It is not my place to tell anyone how to think or vote and it is only my place to tell someone how to act if their actions infringe on my, or my family’s, well being. What I can have is an opinion. However, what has become overwhelmingly obvious in our current, “information age,” is that many of the opinions you are subjected to on a day-to-day basis, whether live or online, are based on bias laden pseudo-facts masquerading as actual quality information. These, “facts,” are often harvested from the lists, or feeds, we reduce people to and create for ourselves by editing and carefully selecting who we, ‘friend’, ‘follow’, and ‘like.’ Anyone with opposing views or ideas are often muted or deleted. A quality debate, where both sides are well prepared with well thought out and researched points of view, is rare. Any debates that are had often devolve in vulgar name calling threads which are devoid of any substance and if any, “information,” is used it is often cherry picked and edited to an extremely narrow viewpoint. Our self created echo-chambers only reflect back what we already believe and remove any chance that our comfort bubbles will be popped. While it may be true that our culture can produce smarter machines that at any point in history it is also true that, despite having infinite information at our fingertips, people are becoming less informed than ever. Continue reading »

Oct 242016


YEG MS Episode 16; YEG MS in YOW- I’m on the road in Ottawa, Ontario for this episode. In this edition I talk about: a new study that seems to indicate that running can have a positive impact on MS and other neurological conditions, the Grizzly ultra marathon in Canmore, the Tour of Champions, and my favorite sneakers. Continue reading »

Sep 072016


A Walk in the Park, Ultra Marathon, Kamloops, BC

Images from the Walk in the Park trail run in Kamloops, British Columbia


YEG MS Episode 15: Cody Price and the Rise Up Challenge – In this episode I talk about a run in Kamloops I did over the long weekend, I start a new segment where I review things, and I speak to fellow MS Warrior Cody Price about his relationship with MS and the Rise Up Challenge.

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Aug 232016


This post isn’t about multiple sclerosis. This post is about being inspired by others and how Canadians should take pride in the example which Gord Downie is setting. The iconic front-man for the Tragically Hip is facing terminal brain cancer and rather than simply waiting for the inevitable he went on one last tour. The the final show was available to everyone via the CBC this past Saturday night. We can all learn from the example.

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