Geomagnetic Disturbances & MS, volume 3

Geomagnetic Disturbances & MS

Geomagnetic Disturbances & MS, volume 3- The great part of producing this blog, executing the Really Long Run to End MS, and the YEG MS podcast are the fantastic people I have had the chance to interact with. They have educated, enlightened, and inspired me. It all has lead to some truly incredible experiences. Back on December 13th, 2013 I published a post called, “Geomagnetic Disturbances & MS.” The post was based on a paper I had found on PubMed titled, “Geomagnetic disturbances may be environmental risk factor for multiple sclerosis: an ecological study of 111 locations in 24 countries.” I found the idea fascinating but never really expected to do a follow up post.

Then something unexpected happened.

About six months later I received an email from one of the lead authors of the paper, Dr. Seyed Aidin Sajedi, about my post. He was happy that I was sharing their work and he felt I had a decent grasp of what they were doing (for a non-scientist). At that time he shared a follow up paper with me titled, “Correlation of multiple sclerosis incidence in the UK 1990-2010 with geomagnetic disturbances.” I wrote a follow up post based on that paper and was happy that the information was being shared with me. That was in July of 2014.

geomagnetic disturbances & ms

Two weeks ago the doctor emailed me again as they have now produced a third paper on the topic called, “The possible effects of solar and geomagnetic activity on multiple sclerosis.” What has fascinated me since the beginning about this area of inquiry is that I subscribed to the, “vitamin D hypothesis,” very early after my diagnosis. Rarely has a day gone by in the past 10 years where I have missed my daily dose of Vitamin D3. Similar to the vitamin D hypothesis geomagnetic activity is charted along lines of longitude. The difference is that these lines aren’t static are vary. One of these sweet spots falls very close to where I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I won’t repeat what I’ve already written here, but if your interested, I would suggest reading the earlier posts or the actual papers linked to in the above text. To make a long story short it is a very intriguing possibility based on the evidence presented that geomagnetic disturbances & ms could indeed have a very real link.

In the latest paper what caught my eye was the following quote:

To summarize the above analysis, we observed an increase in the admittances of patients suffering from acute MS relapses 7–8 months after intense geomagnetic activity events.


As always, correlation does not mean causation but it is fascinating nonetheless. Also of note, the paper states:


The pathogenesis of MS is probably multi-factorial and involves both genetic and environmental causes. There is an increasing body of evidence supporting a link between late Epstein Barr
infection and MS through a possible mechanism of molecular mimicry. Numerous studies support a link between Vitamin D deficiency and onset, relapses and progression of MS, although the results of Vitamin D supplementation have been conflicting.


As with with everything to do with multiple sclerosis there are no definitive conclusions to be had here.
If you are interested in knowing more about MS and potential reasons why it develops I would highly recommend reading these papers. It is not important that you understand 100% of what is written as the discussion sections give a good review of the findings. It is fascinating research which I hope leads to better treatments and possibly prevention.


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