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CCSVI- The Liberation Treatment


Thoughts on CCSVI- The Liberation Treatment I can remember back to when news of the Liberation Treatment started to come out here in Canada. I had more than one person congratulate me as the disease that I had been living with for just over two years had seemingly been  ‘cured’. Here I am four years later and I’m still waiting. The same media which reported the miracle procedure is  now reporting the treatment as a failure. 

Rug officially pulled out from under feet. Or has it been?

On May 1st, MacLean’s (another Canadian publication) ran an article titled, “CCSVI dead? No so fast!” This article argues that the procedure has not been proven a failure and more research needs to be done. A very interesting point from the article:

Pubmed lists 136 CCSVI-related studies: the positive ones, which outnumber the negative, tend to be reported by vascular specialists in vascular journals; negative reports tend to be found in neurology journals. 

So it would appear to a lay person that vein doctors support the treatment and brain doctors do not. Is this really surprising? Or does it fall inline with the territorial nature of human beings?

What does it all mean to people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis? Do any of us really care about a puffy chest competition between two groups of scientists? Probably not.

For me, I have always been skeptical about the value of the procedure, however, not because I fall on one side of the debate or the other. I have no interest in the politics of science or medicine and I don’t care who is right- my only interest is in being well. The reason for my skepticism regarding the procedure is when I was first diagnosed in 2007 (after severe attacks in 2004 and 2006), I became fascinated by the geographical distribution of MS and the relationship to vitamin D.  That interest lead me to researching diet and exercise which eventually evolved into the choices I have made in managing my disease. When I first began reading about CCSVI, I couldn’t understand how a vein condition in the neck could explain the geography of the disease or its’ seeming relationship to sun exposure. However, I always accepted that my opinion could be wrong and I will admit that I have always hoped that once the procedure was studied and put through proper trials it would result in a cure.

Despite the recent negative reports in the press, there have been studies performed that show the CCSVI procedure has been attributed to improvements in patients. In addition, can the anecdotal reports of so many MS patients who have had the procedure really be discounted? Can they simply be chalked up to placebo? For me, it would be extremely hypocritical  to discount the positive reports of CCSVI patients. The reports I make on this site are my own anecdotal accounts of my positive experience using diet and exercise to manage my disease. However, I also take the DMT’s (disease modifying therapies) prescribed by my neurologist, so I can be certain that it is diet and exercise alone (or at all). The problem with anecdotal reports is they can’t be clinically proven.

As a person with MS who has read the reports, both positive and negative, I feel that the following is true of the Liberation Treatment:

For me, that is all that can be known with any certainty.

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  1. Very good article Sean.

  2. Well reasoned and written post.

    My wife (RRMS – DX 1996) had the CCSVI procedure performed in October 2010. We saw immediate and dramatic improvements immediately. Although some of her symptoms returned about a year later, they did so to a much milder degree. Unbiased science may ultimately disprove CCSVI treatment as a ‘cure’ – but until that time, we’re believers. We’re thinking about having the procedure done again.

    • Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate having someone with experience with the procedure comment on this post. I agree, it would be nice if people could see through their bias.

      Thanks again!

  3. Its NOT a cure and has never been highlighted as one either Over 40,000 worldwide have now had . If countrys did this the cost would be very low on their own healthcare system , the reason why its being negative about is too many are making pfrofits, shares and commissions on all the MS drugs full of POISONS that have killed so many its unreal.This is safe than many drugs . Every friend from school same class as me are dead am the only one alive with MS and never ever had any drugs ever to slow it down am 100% proof in the UK about the drugs

    • I agree that alternative therapies, such as diet and CCSVI, are not studied diligently due to their relative low cost (and potential profit).

      As I have stated, I have no doubt that with so many positive reports from people who have had the procedure it must have some benefit.

      Thanks for commenting! It is appreciated!

    • I never said it was a CURE for MS – although many who had the procedure have claimed that it ‘cured’ them. CCSVI therapy will continue to be discredited by those who are generously funded by Big Pharma – there is simply too much money at stake.

      • Hardly anyone ever has said its a cure for MS from doing more researches am finding many people are doing stories like this who are basically trouble making on the net . Trillions of pounds will be saved once someone realises whats going on. 100s of thousands in just one country are all part of the pharmas involved in the deadly MS drugs its SICK to the core

  4. Digging around theres many back handers going on with MS involving pharmas its sick to the core with hundreds of thousands involved. I spoke to an ex pharmas worker who has given me lots of information on all this

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