Apr 052018


YEG MS Ep.37,” In this episode I discuss not perceiving exercise as a punishment and how properly fueling yourself is the foundation of physical activity. Continue reading »

Mar 172018

*This is a guest post from Rebecca of GeriatricNursing.org*

Let’s start with a few questions I’d like to help answer.

  • What exactly is the worst form of multiple sclerosis?
  • What happens when you are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?
  • When do people get multiple sclerosis?
  • How will my doctor diagnose MS?

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Mar 122018

Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis

YEG MS Ep.36, “Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis.” With recreational marijuana only months away from legalization it is a good time to revisit this topic. Continue reading »

Jan 162018


In this episode of the YEG MS podcast, I discuss the lifestyle changes I made in 2017 and their results.
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Dec 052017


This episode is some topics, not necessarily MS related, off the top f my head. I talk about the Justice League Move, Star Wars, Lifting Weights, Changing Careers, and more.

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Oct 302017


This is the second episode in the two part series, “Multiple Sclerosis & Exercise.” In the second half I take a look at three studies, all published in 2017, looking at exercise and people with multiple sclerosis.

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Oct 262017

Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis

This episode is part 1 of 2 for my look into exercise and multiple sclerosis. In episode one I outline my personal journey with exercise and my disease. In the future part 2, I will look and some of the recent studies on the subject.

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