Jul 232015

YEG MS Podcast

YEG MS Podcast, Episode 1- GMD Disturbances and Meghan Cooper- This is the first official episode of the YEG MS podcast. In this episode: Continue reading »

Jul 222015

geomagnetic disturbances and multiple sclerosis

A follow up on Geomagnetic Disturbances and Multiple Sclerosis- In December of 2013, I wrote a post titled, “Geomagnetic Disturbances and Multiple Sclerosis,” which was a result of my coming across a paper on the subject. The paper (which is available via a link in the post) was very interesting to me as I have always had an interest in the Vitamin D hypothesis, which the geomagnetic hypothesis is similar to while also challenging it. I was snooping around today and found a companion paper to the original titled, “Correlation of multiple sclerosis incidence in the UK 1990-2010 with geomagnetic disturbances” by Dr. Seyed Aidin Sajedi and Fahimeh Abdollahi (you can read the paper by clicking the link). I thought I should post about it here in case anyone who read the original post has any interest. Continue reading »

Jul 062015


Fort Edmonton Footbridge Halfpipe- After running almost 2,000 kilometres over the past year, I need to switch up my training. With almost a year until the next Really Long Run to End MS, I have the opportunity to explore some different types of training; training which will hopefully elevate my conditioning and make next year’s run easier. One of my running routes takes me over the Fort Edmonton Foot Bridge and the other day I had an idea near the end of a run. Instead of just heading up the steep path immediately to the west of the Foot Bridge and out of the River Valley, I decided to head up the to the stairs you can see to the north west of the bridge. 200 stairs later, I realized that it was a dumb idea at the end of a run. However, I though it may be a great idea to utilize the stairs and the path to the west of the bridge as a circuit.

On Sunday, I gave it a go. Continue reading »

Jun 162015

MS Bike Tour

**This was originally posted on the Oilers Rig website earlier today (by me). I felt that I should post it here too, since not everyone who reads this site would have seen it at the Oilers Rig**

While most of us weren’t fortunate enough to be blessed with the life of a professional athlete, there are moments in time for us regular folk that are just as powerful as lifting the Stanley Cup. I had a front row seat for one of those moments this past weekend. Continue reading »

Jun 122015

2015 Johnson MS Bike TourThe 2015 Johnson MS Bike Tour begins tomorrow at the Ritchie Brothers auction in Leduc/Nisku. The route tomorrow is the same route I ran three weeks ago for the Really Long Run to End MS. I am looking forward to biking it; you can coast on a bike. However, after three hours on a bike seat, I may be wishing that I ran instead. The weather (screen capture above from the weather network) isn’t supposed to be very nice. This will be my fourth bike tour and I really only remember nice weather on both days for one of them, so I’m not the least bit phased (or surprised). After running for 12 hours in temperatures which reached 27 degrees celsius, I don’t think I am going to mind. Continue reading »

May 252015
Really Long Run to End MS

My amazing support team!!

Here are some pictures from the Really Long Run to End MS. They prove that I’m alive and prove that there are amazing people everywhere willing to carry you when you have nothing left in the tank!

Continue reading »

May 212015



“Shut The Front Door!” and there are good people everywhere- The image above is the text message my mother sent me when I informed her we had reached $20,000 in fundraising for the Really Long Run to End MS (which I run this Saturday). Her exasperation was mirrored by my own. I’m still in disbelief that we were able to reach $20,000 as this is the first time we’ve ever attempted something like this. Just over two months ago I feared we wouldn’t hit $5,000. We went past that mark and I thought there was no way to hit $10,000. We achieved that and continued to climb. As I sit and type this I have given up guessing; I feel like the fundraising effort has been a tremendous success and I’ll be ecstatic with however the final number ends up.

Throughout it all, I have been forever humbled by the kindness and generosity of people, some of whom I have never met. Reading the news on a daily basis, as I do, can give the impression that the world is a very negative place; this event has shown me quite the opposite.

There are good people everywhere.  Continue reading »

May 072015

Don Cherry

With 16 days to go until the Really Long Run to End MS, I’m officially out of the woods. The hardest part of the training is done and I now only have to taper (lighten my workouts) to allow my body to heal in preparation for the big day. However, tapering is mentally challenging as it feels counter intuitive; I feel like I’m not doing enough now and will fail because I’m being slack. I know in my rational mind that rest is best at this point and I have to suppress the nagging feeling that I’m, “screwing everything up” with less intense workouts.  Continue reading »


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