Mar 162015
My old and dear friend Annie and me. She joined me for about 5km of my 40km run on Saturday.

My old and dear friend Annie and me. She joined me for about 5km of my 40km run on Saturday. I make fun of selfies all the time, which should explain the expression on my face.

Training update- 77.5km this past week! Pretty heavy week last week in terms of training. I ran 10k on Tuesday, 16k on Wednesday, 5k on Thursday, 40k on Saturday, and 6.5k on Sunday. If my math is correct, that is 77.5km for the week and surprisingly, I don’t feel like I want to walk in front of a bus. It won’t be pretty or fast, but I’m feeling confident that I will be able to cover the entire 85km of the Really Long Run to End MS on Saturday May 23rd. As I type this, my best guess is that it is going to take 11.5 hours.  Continue reading »

Mar 092015
North Saskatchewan River from Groat Road Bridge

North Saskatchewan River from Groat Road Bridge

Training update, getting outside, an unexpected running mate, and random thoughts- I had some MS fatigue (MSer’s will know what I mean) late last week. I literally felt like I had a giant safe tied to my backside. Due to the fatigue, I had to miss my Saturday run. Luckily, I felt great when I woke up on Sunday and it was a beautiful day here in Edmonton. Rather than hit the track, I decided to head outside.  Continue reading »

Feb 262015
From the window of my room

From the window of my room

Humid (and a training update)-  Last week I had the good fortune of being sent to Cancun for work for 6 days. My wife was able to come as well, so we had a great working holiday. I was concerned with how it may effect my training, however, I was able to run three times while we were there.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the humidity.  Continue reading »

Feb 022015

My daughter wanted to run with me on Saturday


Training update; first month in the bag- One month down, just just under four to go. As expected, the training for the, “Really Long Run to End MS,” (Run Facebook Page)  has been the hardest physical challenge I’ve ever had to endure. However, after heeding some advice and a successful weekend of training, I am confident I’ll be able to manage to 80+ kilometre run on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015.  Continue reading »

Jan 182015
Really Long Run To End MS

Logo created by my wonderful wife Andrea

Training; the first two weeks- In the fall I had been training for my “Really Long Run to End MS,” but it was looser (i.e. much easier for me to justify taking a day off). Now, with 18 weeks to go until the bug run, I don’t have the leisure of taking unscheduled breaks. I’m at the point of ,”all or nothing.” The first two weeks of training are coming to an end today (after another 10km run which is scheduled for after I finish typing this) and I am looking for a much deserved day off with no running tomorrow. Continue reading »

Jan 052015


Day 1- The holidays are passed, the turkey has been consumed, and the calendar has flipped to the new year. While I have been training for my really long run for MS in May, this is the week that I chose to really start training with a defined structure and diet. The reason? I found a 20 week ultra-marathon program and the first week in January coincided nicely with the planned date on May 23rd. Of course I tweaked my bad knee yesterday, but I don’t have to run today so I should be okay.

As a point of interest, this week’s training program looks like this: Continue reading »

Nov 152014


*I posted this article yesterday at my blog “Rustyknucklers Stuff and Things“, Sean asked me if I would like to write here with him at of course I said yes. Sean does a great job here at this site, more than one of his posts has provided me with some much needed inspiration. Sean and I all also writing colleagues at so this really did seem like a natural fit. Thank you for having me, I hope the readers here will enjoy my articles. So here is the re-post from yesterday, when I write about my life with MS it will be done here on this site from now on* Continue reading »

Nov 142014


If you read this blog or you know me personally, you are probably aware that I’m training to run 85 kilometers in a single day to raise money for the MS Society of Canada. I trained to run half marathons before, but training to run 85K is altogether different. It is the single most difficult physical challenge I have ever endured. I actually can’t imagine it being much easier even if I didn’t have MS.  Continue reading »

Nov 022014



Really Long Run to End MS- On Saturday May 23rd, 2015 I will be running from Leduc, Alberta, Canada to Camrose, Alberta, Canada in a single day. The run will take me on a journey over roughly 85 km and take 10-12 hours to complete. I am currently running 5 days a week in preparation and hope to shed around 30 lbs in the next 7 months to get ready. Other than bouncing back from a major MS attack, this is probably the second toughest thing I have ever attempted.  Continue reading »


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