Jan 162018


In this episode of the YEG MS podcast, I discuss the lifestyle changes I made in 2017 and their results.
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Dec 052017


This episode is some topics, not necessarily MS related, off the top f my head. I talk about the Justice League Move, Star Wars, Lifting Weights, Changing Careers, and more.

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Oct 302017


This is the second episode in the two part series, “Multiple Sclerosis & Exercise.” In the second half I take a look at three studies, all published in 2017, looking at exercise and people with multiple sclerosis.

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Oct 262017

Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis

This episode is part 1 of 2 for my look into exercise and multiple sclerosis. In episode one I outline my personal journey with exercise and my disease. In the future part 2, I will look and some of the recent studies on the subject.

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Oct 022017

Diet and Multiple Sclerosis

The episode is part one of a two part series exploring the relationship with Multiple Sclerosis & diet. In this episode I talk about my own journey with regards to diet. In part two I’ll compare various MS diets which can be found on the internet.

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Sep 132017


MS Mountain Bike Hinton

YEG MS is on the road at the 2017 MS Mountain Bike in Hinton, Alberta! Featuring sound bites from Greg Van Tighem and some of my buddies.
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