Jun 162015


**This was originally posted on the Oilers Rig website earlier today (by me). I felt that I should post it here too, since not everyone who reads this site would have seen it at the Oilers Rig**

While most of us weren’t fortunate enough to be blessed with the life of a professional athlete, there are moments in time for us regular folk that are just as powerful as lifting the Stanley Cup. I had a front row seat for one of those moments this past weekend. Continue reading »

Jun 122015

WeatherThe 2015 Johnson MS Bike Tour begins tomorrow at the Ritchie Brothers auction in Leduc/Nisku. The route tomorrow is the same route I ran three weeks ago for the Really Long Run to End MS. I am looking forward to biking it; you can coast on a bike. However, after three hours on a bike seat, I may be wishing that I ran instead. The weather (screen capture above from the weather network) isn’t supposed to be very nice. This will be my fourth bike tour and I really only remember nice weather on both days for one of them, so I’m not the least bit phased (or surprised). After running for 12 hours in temperatures which reached 27 degrees celsius, I don’t think I am going to mind. Continue reading »

May 212015



“Shut The Front Door!” and there are good people everywhere- The image above is the text message my mother sent me when I informed her we had reached $20,000 in fundraising for the Really Long Run to End MS (which I run this Saturday). Her exasperation was mirrored by my own. I’m still in disbelief that we were able to reach $20,000 as this is the first time we’ve ever attempted something like this. Just over two months ago I feared we wouldn’t hit $5,000. We went past that mark and I thought there was no way to hit $10,000. We achieved that and continued to climb. As I sit and type this I have given up guessing; I feel like the fundraising effort has been a tremendous success and I’ll be ecstatic with however the final number ends up.

Throughout it all, I have been forever humbled by the kindness and generosity of people, some of whom I have never met. Reading the news on a daily basis, as I do, can give the impression that the world is a very negative place; this event has shown me quite the opposite.

There are good people everywhere.  Continue reading »

May 072015

Don Cherry

With 16 days to go until the Really Long Run to End MS, I’m officially out of the woods. The hardest part of the training is done and I now only have to taper (lighten my workouts) to allow my body to heal in preparation for the big day. However, tapering is mentally challenging as it feels counter intuitive; I feel like I’m not doing enough now and will fail because I’m being slack. I know in my rational mind that rest is best at this point and I have to suppress the nagging feeling that I’m, “screwing everything up” with less intense workouts.  Continue reading »

Apr 282015
Me- 20 years ago.

Me- 20 years ago.

The past month or so has been a pretty humbling experience for me. When the initial idea for the Really Long Run to End MS was hatched, the picture I had in my head was of running down the side of the highway interspersed with possibly a few friends along the way. Initially, I was nervous about trying to raise $5,000 and I didn’t really think the event would resonate with many; I’m often wrong and I am forever thankful I was wrong yet again. Continue reading »

Mar 162015
My old and dear friend Annie and me. She joined me for about 5km of my 40km run on Saturday.

My old and dear friend Annie and me. She joined me for about 5km of my 40km run on Saturday. I make fun of selfies all the time, which should explain the expression on my face.

Training update- 77.5km this past week! Pretty heavy week last week in terms of training. I ran 10k on Tuesday, 16k on Wednesday, 5k on Thursday, 40k on Saturday, and 6.5k on Sunday. If my math is correct, that is 77.5km for the week and surprisingly, I don’t feel like I want to walk in front of a bus. It won’t be pretty or fast, but I’m feeling confident that I will be able to cover the entire 85km of the Really Long Run to End MS on Saturday May 23rd. As I type this, my best guess is that it is going to take 11.5 hours.  Continue reading »


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