Jan 182016

MS Podcast

I recently was informed that back in late November, my YEG MS podcast was named one of the, “best MS podcasts of the year,” for 2015 by Healthline. For a newbie at podcasting with no formal training, which I’m sure is obvious to my listeners, it was pretty cool to receive some recognition.  Continue reading »

Jan 172016

Decade of Decadence

This is the first post I’ve written in 2016; I wanted to write a new post sooner, but I have been busy with training for the Really Long Run to End MS and suffering a bit of an extended holiday hangover. While I enjoy writing and podcasting, the holiday season was a needed break.

Training for the 2016 Really Long Run to End MS has begun in its’ official form. While I was running through the fall, those sessions didn’t follow the rigid structure required to pull off an ultra-marathon distance. These past two weeks since New Years have followed the official structure. The first week I wanted to punch myself in the face for agreeing to do it all over again; last week I felt powerful and ready to take on the challenge. What a difference seven days can make.

All the running has given me plenty of time to fixate on the video screen in my mind’s eye. It occurred to me the other day that November of 2016 will be the ten year anniversary of the big attack which lead to my diagnosis. I almost can’t believe it has almost been ten years.  Continue reading »

Nov 252015



YEG MS episode 10, the last episode of 2015 & Patrycia Rzechowka, the official spokesperson of the Johnson MS Bike, Leduc to Camrose-  This is the  last episode of 2015. In this episode I ramble about some things that are annoying me and I speak to Patricia Rzechowka, the official spokesperson of the Johnson MS Bike, Leduc to Camrose.

Continue reading »

Nov 202015


My MS Journey

Working on a dream: The Really Long Run to End MS

*this was published in the MS Canada Magazine, Fall-Winter 2015 (Alberta Edition)

On Remembrance Day 2006, I was at work. That was the Day the entire right side of my body went numb. Right away I was off to the hospital- I was worried I had a stroke. Instead I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Continue reading »

Nov 122015


Multiple Sclerosis Podcast

YEG MS episode 9 Remembrance Day & Nick Dehod-  This is the second to last episode of 2015. In this episode I talk about why Remembrance Day is a difficult for me and I speak to Nick Dehod of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada (Northern Alberta).  Continue reading »

Oct 152015



Episode #6- YEG MS, The Really Long Run to End MS edition. In this episode I talk about the 2015 run, the 2016 run, and to my new personal trainer (and 2015 Really Long Run Alum), Chris Tse of Blitz Conditioning! Continue reading »

Oct 152015

Really Long Run to End MS

After some confusion on Twitter over the date (evidently, neither my Mom or I are very proficient at reading a calendar), the Really Long Run to End MS will be held on Saturday, May 14th, 2016. I’ll be kicking off the run at 5am in Nisku and hopefully reach Camrose 12 hours later. I’ve already put some feelers out to the support team/runners from this past May and most have already said they will be running again. There are also some crazy people (Chris Tse, @ChrisTse_ on Twitter, of Blitz Conditioning and Jen Ference, @FerenceJenof the November Project) who are planning on running the whole 80 kms with me.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who is completely off his rocker.  Continue reading »


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