Sep 302015



Episode #6- YEG MS, part 2 with Neil Blue and controversy?- This is the second half of my conversation with Neil Blue. Neil pushes us into talking about some controversial subjects in the MS world; the Liberation Therapy (CCSVI) and Stem Cells. He also pushes me on how I handle my own MS. I thoroughly enjoyed this part of our conversation and I hope it is helpful to other MS Warriors. I also announce the date of the 2016 Really Long Run to End MS. Continue reading »

Sep 202015


A month or two ago, I joined an MS Facebook group called, “Young Adults with MS in Greater Edmonton.” Today, a link was posted to an article in the Calgary Herald titled, “MS survivor pushing for major change at national charity.” The article profiles Matt Embry who has been using diet modification and exercise to combat his multiple sclerosis. Specifically, the article focuses on his challenge to the MS Society for change due to, as what is stated in the article, only 16 cents for every dollar raised going to research. As someone who recently raised over $23,000 for the MS Society of Canada with the Really Long Run to End MS, I was very intrigued by the article.  Continue reading »

Sep 192015

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms


Multiple Sclerosis symptoms worse in the summer? I was scanning around the inter webs this morning and came across the article, ” Melatonin and multiple sclerosis: Why MS symptoms may improve as the days get shorter.” The article was posted on Science Daily and revolved around a study performed at the Brigham Women’s Hospital. I was compelled to read the article as it was very counter-intuative for me as I have always found the winter to be a tough time symptom wise, especially in February/March.

Continue reading »

Sep 162015



Episode #5- YEG MS, Canmore 1/2 Marathon and Neil Blue- In this episode I had the pleasure of talking to Neil Blue. I met Neil as a result of the Really Long Run to End MS. In this episode we talk about how we met, relationships, and Neil’s goals for the future. Thanks again Neil for taking the time.

I also talk about my recent run in the Canmore half marathon and how maintaining your conditioning and training level is very important. Continue reading »

Sep 022015

MS Podcast


YEG MS Podcast Episode #4; Weddings, Politics, and Jo Reiling- In this episode I had the pleasure of talking to Jo Reiling. I’ve know Jo since at least 1999 or 2000 and before either of us had MS. After I end an unrelated rant involving weddings and Canadian politics, Jo and I discuss her journey with the disease. The conversation was very powerful for me due the length of time I have known Jo. I can’t thank her enough for agreeing to speak with me. Continue reading »

Aug 242015


In case anyone was wondering, this blog hasn’t simply turned into a conduit for the YEG MS podcast. I still intend to write as before, but the summer has been busy and learning how to produce a podcast was a bit of a learning curve. I was asked the question twice over the summer about why I write the blog, run the Really Long Run, and now do the podcast. The answer would appear to be simple; I do these things because I am a person living with multiple sclerosis. I have come to realize that this answer is wrong and the blog, podcast, and run are a result of an underlying motivator. It may surprise you, but the motivator isn’t multiple sclerosis.

The motivator is that I really don’t like being told I can’t do something. Continue reading »

Aug 192015



This is YEG MS Episode 3. YEG MS is an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada based podcast focussing on multiple sclerosis.

In this episode I talk about MS Support groups, how heat  and temperature affect MSers, and feature my conversation with Dave Gordon. Dave is a local Edmonton Oilers blogger at the OilersRig.comDave was diagnosed with MS almost two years ago and we talk about his journey and of course the Edmonton Oilers.  Continue reading »

Jul 232015

YEG MS Podcast

YEG MS Podcast, Episode 1- GMD Disturbances and Meghan Cooper- This is the first official episode of the YEG MS podcast. In this episode: Continue reading »

Jul 222015

geomagnetic disturbances and multiple sclerosis

A follow up on Geomagnetic Disturbances and Multiple Sclerosis- In December of 2013, I wrote a post titled, “Geomagnetic Disturbances and Multiple Sclerosis,” which was a result of my coming across a paper on the subject. The paper (which is available via a link in the post) was very interesting to me as I have always had an interest in the Vitamin D hypothesis, which the geomagnetic hypothesis is similar to while also challenging it. I was snooping around today and found a companion paper to the original titled, “Correlation of multiple sclerosis incidence in the UK 1990-2010 with geomagnetic disturbances” by Dr. Seyed Aidin Sajedi and Fahimeh Abdollahi (you can read the paper by clicking the link). I thought I should post about it here in case anyone who read the original post has any interest. Continue reading »


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